Winterland at Wrigley Field: All You Need to Know

You may not be ready to turn on the Mariah Carey radio or put the Christmas tree up. Still, you can enjoy Gallagher Way’s annual Winterland experience with loved ones starting November 18th. Wrigleyville transforms from streets filled with red and blue to twinkly lights and Christmas ornaments (and a lot less disappointed baseball fans). What was once a rink outside Wrigley Field will now be a 12,000-square-foot skating rink in-park.

Winterland at Wrigley Field begins this Friday, November 18th, 2022, and runs through Sunday, January 8th, 2023. Admission is free, and holiday fun is guaranteed. There will be goods, delicious food, rides, and photos available for purchase. The Christkindlmarket is a must-see and must-shop stop during your visit. The German-style market will have products from vendors around the world, wide-ranging cuisine, hot chocolate to keep you warm, and performances to create a wonderful atmosphere. 

While it is free to partake in the holiday fun, access to the activities in Wrigley Field requires tickets. Exclusive early-bird pricing starts at $5 for general admission and a value pack for $30, including admission and tickets for ten attractions, including the carousel, rides, games, and ice rink activities. Regular pricing starts at $5 with 1 attraction ticket at $4, 10 tickets for $36, and 20 tickets for $69. All rink activities come with associated fees. The rink access and skate rental cost 5 tickets (or $20), rink access only is 3 tickets (or $12), and ice bumper cars are 4 tickets (or $16). Get your tickets today!


With the rink moving into the park this year, you will enjoy 12,000 square feet of icy activities. Lace up your skates and zip around the giant rink. Surrounded by stadium seating, the rink will feel like your stage as try your luck doing turns and spins. There is more room to stumble about as you please for those not skilled on the skates. Whatever your skill level may be, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of gliding around Wrigley field. There are even ice bumper cars if you choose not to skate but still want in on the fun. 


There are loads of family-friendly events for everyone to join, and Santa’s workshop will also be up and running at full steam. Taking the kids to their yearly photo with Santa can be more of a hassle than something to enjoy. At Winterland, you can swing by Santa’s workshop to capture the fun with a glass of hot spice wine in hand from the Christkindlmarket. What better way to fuel their Christmas spirit than giving them a sneak peek of Santa’s pop-up workshop in our very city? 

There will also be tons of great rides and games for you and the kids inside Wrigley Field! Try your luck at the chimney toss or throw your very own snow pitch at Wrigley Field.  Winterland is the place for interactive activities for the whole family this Christmas season. I promise their smiles as they take a spin on the hot cocoa cups or slide down the wintertube will overjoy you!


Winterland is also the perfect place for holiday shopping! The Christkindlmarket will have artisan goods, handmade gifts from highly skilled vendors, fresh produce, sweet holiday treats, and more. There will even be a holiday wreath workshop for the more crafty attendees. There is no better way to ignite your holiday spirit than learning to make beautiful decor to hang around your home. The wreath hanging on your door is the first thing to greet guests who come to celebrate this Christmas. This experiential activity is perfect for you and your partner who wish to create something together for your home. 

Every Thursday this winter, you can enjoy an outdoor holiday movie during our visit! Ditch the regularly scheduled 25 days of Christmas programming and experience Winterland while watching your favorite holiday movie. Share in the nostalgia of Christmas classics while skating in Wrigley field. If you’d rather take in every scene, grab a tasty dessert and watch while you peruse the market. You can even visit a neighboring restaurant and watch as you dine. No matter your preference, you will not miss viewing the best Christmas films of our time. 

Featured Image: Gallagherway Chicago