Chicago Named Best Winter Getaway for Low Travel Costs

The city was ranked for the lowest travel costs and fewest hassles

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Sure – warm weather, white sands, palm trees, and bottomless piña coladas might win most people over when it comes to planning winter holiday vacations. Typically, the goal is to get away from the cold, right?


Amidst the inevitably large influx of flight bookings to warm destinations during the holidays, there are plenty of people who don’t mind visiting a not-so-warm place in the winter, and in fact, might even prefer it.

Our friends at Wallethub recently shared a ranking of the best winter holiday destinations grouped into cold weather and warm weather. Their analysts looked at two weeks of flight data from some of the most popular metropolitan areas and took into account a variety of deciding factors, including costs of the cheapest flights, weather conditions, and number of attractions. Naturally, Chicago was recognized.


Although Chicago only placed eighth in overall rankings (which is still pretty deece, if we say so), the city was named first for lowest travel costs and fewest hassles, believe it or not! See, guys? O’Hare isn’t as bad as you think. Alright, maybe it is – but that’s alright.


Could it be that so many locals are running for the hills to escape the winter, that it makes it easier for others to visit? Maybe. Either way, it’s a testament to Chicago’s tourism and functionality that the city’s able to gain that kind of recognition. Because let’s be real, no matter how enticing a destination is, costs and the presence of anything classified as a pain-in-the-butt when traveling will make or break a vacation.



Best attractions and cold weather activities

Separate from that factor, Chicago ranked in second for the best attractions for cold weather destinations. But c’mon, we all could’ve guessed that. We bet we can even beat out some of the warm weather destinations in that category. There’s just so much to do here.

Also of note, Chitown ranked in third for the best cold weather activities. Again, obvious. If there’s anything we can offer you, here in Chicago, it’s how to make the most of the cold.


So, you like more winter with your winter? Visit us, we’ll take care of you. We’ve got lots of winter, and we like it.


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