Here’s How to Win Free Portillo’s for a Whole Damn Year

Every Chicagoan’s favorite fast-food joint, Portillo’s, is doin’ Italian Beef Week big this year with a contest that could land the winner free food for one whole year.

Win Free Portillo's For a Year
Photo Credit: Portillo’s

Starting May 21st and running through May 27th,  Portillo’s is hosting what’s being called the Rhyme Time Challenge. Known the city-over for the rhymes staff members chorus during service (read: “Number 9, it’s time to dine!”), the chain now invites fans to create their own rhymes and submit them here for a chance to win.


The rules are simple: all submitted rhymes must end with a number 0-9, must not contain any ~inappropriate~ language, and, of course, can’t already be a rhyme used by the Portillo’s staff.

After the challenge closes on this coming Sunday, the first-place winner will receive free Portillo’s food for a year and their rhyme will be used by employees in all Portillo’s restaurants nationwide. Not to be outdone, a second-place winner will get a swag bag complete with a $25 gift card, which honestly, could also last you a pretty long time.


In addition to the competition, Chicagoans can also purchase two Italian beef sandwiches for just $10 bucks throughout Italian Beef Week.




For more info on the contest, check out the Portillo’s website, here.


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