Why Shopping in Chicago is Good for Your Health

Nowadays, you’ve probably heard of a thousand different ways to get fit: eat more veggies, run, get more sleep, get less sleep, and even the dreaded eat veggies while running and getting incremental amounts of sleep method.

Well, I’m here to tell you to chalk up another method for getting fit, shopping in Chicago (ladies everywhere, rejoice!)


Women CheeringYes, I have a fan club.

Next time your sporty, athletic friend (we’ll call her Jenny) starts telling you that you need to lose weight by trying P90X, Insanity, or Kanye’s Workout Plan for the fifteenth time—bust out these facts and show her up… then take her shopping.


Healthy Food
Being in Chicago means you don’t have to stop and eat mall food somewhere. There are healthy food options on every corner that you can take advantage of. You might even be able to convince Jenny to eat something other than the celery and carrots she packed. We can dream right?

You’ll Have to Carry all Those Bags
Need an excuse to buy a ton of clothes? Tell everyone that carrying huge bags of clothes around works your upper body and core muscles. How much? Well that depends on how much you buy, so be ready to max out those credit cards!


You’re Going to Walk… A lot
Ever hear of the Magnificent Mile? Well it’s huge… 3 million square feet huge. The best part about visiting the Mile is that you’ll be focused on shopping and admiring the beautiful views, so you won’t even realize how far you’re actually going unless you stop to pick up the new Apple Watch or something.

Crosswalk Timers
After an exhausting walk from the store entrance to the crosswalk, you finally begin to approach the curb. You feel your adrenaline spike as you look up and see 6 seconds left on the countdown, “Whoosh!” Jenny takes off and leaves you in the dust, crossing the street with her long, gazelle-like strides. Only one thing to do now, gun it and show that timer (and Jenny) who’s boss!


There’s a 50% Chance You Lose Jenny
Okay I made this one up, but realistically, there are so many massive department stores, fitting rooms, aisles, floors, and streets that you’re bound to spend some time looking for your friends (and let’s be honest, Jenny is a loose cannon). Needless to say, this involves more walking around with those increasingly heavy bags and burning a few extra calories.

Fitting Rooms
Have you ever found yourself struggling with all of your might to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are just too small on you? All of that tugging and heaving will pay off in the long run, so keep going unless you think you’re going to rip them. Besides, you’ll feel great if you actually get them on, which leads me to my next point…


It’s Good for Your Mental Health Too
Did I mention you look great in those jeans? Shopping makes you happy, and guess what? So does exercise! You didn’t think this was all about physical fitness did you?

There you have it, shopping in Chicago is good for you. If anyone asks, you read it online, so it has to be true. Just be sure to stick to the guide.


And not to brag or anything, but my personal crosswalk timer record is 4 seconds.


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