Who’s Your Daddy? 5 Things to Do on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching (it’s the 21st… you’re welcome), and we all know it would be nice to do something special for the big guy. Of course, we have the basics: golf, barbequing at home, brunch, yadda yadda. Why not do something a little out of the box this year? We broke down some of the different options based on your old man’s interests.

If your dad is a sports fan…


1) See a Baseball Game

The White Sox play at 1 pm at U.S. Cellular Field and the Cubs play in Minnesota at the same time. Obviously Minnesota is a bit of a drive, so if you’re a Cubs fan you’re probably thinking this may not work out all that well. Take him somewhere to watch the game. Make it an event. Make a day out of it. Maybe take him to Sluggers or another Wrigleyville bar. There are a ton of creative ways to make the day sports-themed and special.


If he likes BBQ and whiskey…

2) Take Him to Bub City


Bub City is a country-themed bar/restaurant in River North, and they keep the country tunes playing at all times. They’re offering a classic southern brunch complete with fried chicken & waffles. Not to mention they also have the biggest whiskey selection of any place in area, so if it’s your pops’ drink of choice, this is going to be pretty damn close to heaven. Some of the standout elements here include an American flag made out of beer cans, a lit-up Santa wearing an empty beer case on his head, and a rules list that includes no drama or know-it-alls.

If you want to do something nice…


3) Wine and Dine the Man

Seriously. When was the last time your dad was taken out on the town for a nice dinner? I’m not talking about a place like Bub City here, I mean a nice sit-down, white table cloth, slightly dressy dinner. You can even make it a surprise and take him to a nice steakhouse or seafood place. If you’re looking for some suggestions on where to eat, check out our Top 10 Restaurants in Chicago. Make sure you make reservations!


If he likes being out on the water…

4) Take Him on a Brunch Cruise


Take to the water on Sunday with Dad’s Day cruises from OdysseyMystic Blue and Spirit of Chicago yachts. These afternoon and evening cruises offer brunch, dinner, and a complimentary cocktail for Dad to wash them down with. You’ll have to pay for yours, but hey, it’s not about you!

If the guy needs a break from the real world…


5) Take Him to the Beach

Sometimes Dad just needs to relax and soak up some rays. Chicago has more beaches than I can count on my two hands, so you can easily find one that suits him the best. Whether it’s volleyball, sunbathing, or just some damn peace & quiet, we’re sure that he wouldn’t mind a nice day in the sun.