Top 6 Weirdest Laws in Chicago

Whether it’s outdated, or just plain strange, Chicago has got some bizarre laws. From dining in a burning building to fishing while seated on a giraffe’s neck, here are the top 6 weirdest laws in Chicago.



1) It’s illegal to dine in a restaurant that is on fire.

Oh yeah, because food is our biggest concern when a building’s on fire.



2) It’s illegal for an unmarried woman to call a bachelor “Mister.”


Apparently, the proper word is “master.” So let’s just avoid both of these words altogether.



3) It’s illegal to fish while seated on a giraffe’s neck.

Don’t know why you would or could do this. But, here it is.



4) It’s illegal for dogs to drink whiskey.


My dog is more of a rum drinker anyway (totally kidding, #noanimalcruelty).



5) Those under 21 aren’t allowed to drink alcohol unless you’re enrolled in a culinary school.

And there’s really nothing more to say here.


6) It’s illegal for your pet to have poor hygiene.

Yes. You could get fined for a stinky dog and honestly, who’s complaining about that?


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