Volunteer in Chicago Through Our Sports Teams Over the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again here in Chicagoland. The time where we get together with our families and loved ones to celebrate the holidays. The time where we share gifts and say what we are most thankful for. But, it’s also the time of giving. And with many of our fellow community members struggling from the effects of the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to volunteer in Chicago.

When it comes to volunteering, there’s no better way to do it than going through one of our professional teams here in the city. So, to all of our readers, here’s our guide for how to volunteer in Chicago through our pro teams this year.


How To Volunteer Through The Chicago Cubs

Although it might not be the right time of year for it, there are a few perfect opportunities to volunteer through the Cubs for those who love the game of baseball. Through the Diamond Project, donatable funds are accepted to support youth baseball organizations and facilities. Contributors support the upkeep of many stadiums and baseball diamonds throughout the city, as well as provide new equipment for teams in need. This charitable arm of the Cubs also supports active lifestyles and encourages play through neighborhood-based leagues.


Cubs RBI is another inner city youth outreach program that expands its volunteering opportunities outside of Chicago. It serves to increase participation in baseball and softball, provide inclusion for all, and teach teamwork to it’s participants. 

Volunteering With The White Sox

If you’re wondering how to volunteer in Chicago, look no further than the Chicago White Sox. One of the most impactful parts of their organization is the White Sox Volunteer Corps, which serves to unite Sox fans through community service opportunities. Since starting in 2009, they have completed over 54,000 hours of service with over 550 events. And luckily, they still have plenty of opportunities remaining in 2021. 

For those looking for a way to give back and receive some unique White Sox memorabilia, look to the official White Sox charity auctions. Fans of the team can bid everything from game-worn items, to baseball cards, and more!


Chicago Sky Charities

The Chicago Sky season might be over, but through their Sky Cares program, fans can still participate in shaping their community. Typically, Sky Cares hosts events where people can donate their time to create an impact. While that may not be happening right now, there are still opportunities to donate to Sky Care charities and even give back with Sky Cares Tickets.

Giving Back Via The Bulls

The Bulls aren’t able to support in-person volunteer events in Chicago at this time, but they do have charities in place that are accepting donations in numerous ways. If you attend a game, you can donate an extra $1 with each concession stand purchase, and the Bulls will match any donation up to $50,000. In-game auctions and 50/50 raffles are another way to give back during the games. And for their other charities outside of the in-game options, visit the Chicago Bulls website to see who is accepting donations through the organization.

Ways To Volunteer With The Bears

In a normal year, fans of the Bears can give back to their community through the organization’s Bears Care program. Unfortunately, many opportunities and events, like the Bears Care Gala, have been shut down due to COVID. Once the Gala returns, community members can purchase tickets and tables for the event. They also have chances to donate auctionable items to support local Chicago Bears Charities.

Chicago Blackhawk Volunteer Opportunities

The Blackhawks also provide many ways to volunteer in Chicago. We could spend all day going into each program. But, there are a few key ones relevant to the upcoming holidays. For starters, the Chicago Blackhawks are supporting food drives and toy drives throughout the city. They are also encouraging fans to participate in their big winter gear drive and donate coats and other items to Cradles to Crayons. All of the specific details can be found on the Chicago Blackhawks website.