New ‘L’ Stop Will Be Built Next to the United Center

Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced that CTA officials have agreed on building a new Green Line stop near the United Center. The stop will be located at Damen Avenue and Lake Street.

The stop will be an in-fill station, which is a stop built on a rail that meets the demand of a location sitting between two existing stops, similar to the Cermak-McCormick Place stop on the Green Line which was rebuilt in 2015.


An ‘L’ stop in this particular area has been desired by many for a long time, as it’s somewhat difficult for Bulls and Blackhawks fans who take public transportation to reach the United Center with ease. Fans typically rely on the #19 United Center Express bus or have to take the Green or Pink Line to the Ashland stop then walk, which is kind of a hike. The new stop at Damen and Lake will put commuters only a block and a half away from the arena.

The new ‘L’ stop means you can get to these awesome bars by the United Center in no time.

The City of Chicago will use tax increment financing to fund the project, which is anticipated to cost around $50 million. The addition of a new stop inevitably leads to an increase in foot traffic for the area, which would then result in more business for local vendors. Many city-dwellers not only coordinate day-to-day decisions based on public transportation proximity, but also their residence. As many Chicagoans aims to live “as close to the ‘L’ as possible,” the residential population around the United Center can be expected to grow as well.


The city will begin planning the station’s design this year, with the construction phase slated to begin in late 2018. The Damen and Lake stop is anticipated to open to the public mid-2020.

Hang in there, Hawks and Bulls fans! In just a few years, you’ll be making it to the game quicker than ever


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