Top Chicago Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Let’s be honest, we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions to lose that extra 10 pounds for good. But it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to research, find workouts, and discover recipes in a neverending quest to get healthy. That’s why one of the top hacks to build a banging body is to follow fitness influencers on social media! There’s a reason these people have tens of thousands of followers—they actually know what they’re doing. And look damn good! So take a peek at our roundup of the best Chicago fitness influencers to follow on Instagram.


This entrepreneur, fitness personal trainer, and nutrition health coach serves up inspiring content on a daily basis to his 17K+ followers. Whether you’re looking for training techniques or help with food, Javier can help you perform better in all areas of your life. 


Gains? Check. Confidence? Check. Total badass? Check. Jazmin Calep is ~fitness goals~ highlighting how consistent fitness can transform your world. Plus, she offers bootcamp classes for $15 in Elgin. DM her for more details! 


Meet the middle school teacher who moonlights as a fitness coach! He’s built a successful side hustle at Row House Chicago over the years and continues to bring the heat. Check out his highlight reel on Rowing and Fitness for fun, inspirational content. 


Have you ever considered working out with your significant other? Nah? Well, this dynamic duo has it figured out. With over 10K followers, the Heras couple dishes out inspiring fitso, tough workouts, and clever tips to help their fans be all they can be.


This Chicago blogger is more of a lifestyle influencer but Lauren’s wholesome recipes and love for Peloton earned her a spot on our list. Check out her highlight reel titled “Fitness” for some great ride recommendations and athletic wear content!


Say hello to Becca Faria! She’s an ACE personal trainer who can squat and deadlift like nobody’s business. Becca offers great insights and content including her most recent post about how to workout after having Covid (spoiler: take it easy). 


Ladies and gentlemen, Wes Patterson is a BEAST. Definitely one of the best Chicago fitness influencers to follow if you haven’t already. He lost over 100 pounds. He’s 100% vegan. And he’s been posting topless pics to inspire his 81K followers since 2014. So if you’re a non-meat-eater looking to get fit, follow Wes’s account for nutrition tips and tricks!


Jamie is a self-proclaimed online fitness coach who helps hardworking adults transform their bodies, gain confidence, and live a life they love with food freedom. She details her workouts including what she does for cardio, lifting, and tracking food.

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