Top 6 Polish Restaurants in Chicago You Must Try

Chicago has one of the largest Polish populations outside of Poland. So, it’s not surprising that the city has some of the best Polish food in the world. And although not Polish myself (still Eastern European), I am surrounded by their food and culture daily. From places that span decades to newcomers that are putting modern spins on classic recipes, there are plenty of good options. Here are my top 6 picks of the best Polish restaurants in Chicago.

It’s time for delicious Polish meals full of borsch, dumplings, potato pancakes, and paczki! And don’t forget to check out our food guide for the best bars in Ukrainian Village as well.



1549 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60642


Podhalanka is an old-school restaurant that whips up traditional Polish recipes. In addition to the long list of soups, pierogies, salads, and favorites like stuffed cabbage, this is also the place to find some of the rarer dishes.

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Staropolska Restaurant

3030 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618


Staropolska Restaurant is a Polish Restaurant located in the Logan Square area of Chicago and strives to offer the finest Polish cuisine with a superb dining experience. From a Vienna schnitzel to zucchini pancakes, Staropolska has plenty of Polish options. Additionally, you will also find plus some non-Polish choices like chicken fingers and Caesar salad. There’s also a selection of soups and sweets, such as kolacky, to end the meal with.

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Smakosz Restaurant

5619 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

Smakosz offers authentic tastes of Poland, with family-style dining.

The most popular Smakosz dish is the Lublin Pork. This dish is like a little taste of Poland on one plate and is loved by everyone just like their delicious hand-made pierogies. Furthermore, it was and still is a dish that brings back childhood memories for many members of the Polish community. Another of their signature dishes is the Polish Food Assortment. 

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U Gazdy 

270 W Irving Park Rd, Wood Dale, IL 60191

Venture out a little bit West to Wood Dale and you’ll find a cozy cabin that serves up the most delicious and authentic Polish Highlander cuisine. Personally, I’d start with complimentary rye bread and smalec, which is a lard spread, before diving into comforting plates from the country’s southernmost region.

Next, choose one of the standouts on the menu, such as the sizzling lamb chops, 24-hour beer-marinated pork shank, crispy duck baked with apples, and pork tenderloin escalopes covered in smoked cheese and mushroom sauce. Finally, don’t forget to try my favorites, the borsch soup with krokiet, and meat dumplings (uszka). 

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Kasia’s Deli

2101 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Veal meatballs, pierogies, and borsch are staples on the menu here. Kasia’s Deli also has a wholesale line that brings blintzes and dumplings in various flavors to tables all across the country. Whether it’s right in the restaurant or at home, customers can look forward to this dependable Polish fare. 

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5961 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60646

“Smak-Tak” is a quaint Polish restaurant that has been located on the north side of Chicago for the past fifteen years. The history alone easily makes it one of the most underrated Polish restaurants in Chicago. Its cozy atmosphere is what makes the Jefferson Park spot special. There are stuffed cabbage rolls and hunter’s stew, plus sweet cheese blintzes to finish off a traditional meal.

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