Tips for Choosing Excellent Wedding Tents

Your wedding is one of the special days that happen once in a lifetime. Every detail has to be perfect, with no room for mistakes. Your wedding setup is one of the crucial aspects that you must consider. Nowadays, different options offer flexibility in wedding venues, unlike before, where most events could only happen indoors in the enclosed venue. Hiring wedding tents have become a popular option for most people holding wedding events. This option presents a perfect solution for a wedding venue. However, once you decide this is the way forward, it is vital to ensure you find the best tent for hire, depending on your style, size bearing in mind the number of attendees. Are you ready to explore these options? Below are expert tips and crucial details to learn regarding tenting your special wedding day; 

Your needs


You need to make a conclusive decision, whether you want to hire tents for your wedding event. Tents aren’t necessary for all types of weddings. Mostly they are ideal for outdoor weddings. However, it is vital to consider the weather temperatures. If you feel it’s going to rain or freeze, then you can put the necessary measures in place to eliminate the discomforts or have a backup in place in case the weather changes unexpectedly.  

How to pick the Top wedding tent rental Company 


Your wedding venue is a crucial part of the day. The last thing you want to be stressed about is dealing with the wrong wedding tent rental company. Your budget is also another factor to consider. To make sure that you’re hiring the right company.

  • Ask for referrals

Inquire from family, friends, or wedding planners. These people can provide you with recommendations.  

  • Read reviews

The next thing is to browse the internet. Many companies can offer wedding tent rentals online. Compare different companies so that you can find the one within your budget. Read reviews as they will guide you to find the best party tent rental service, providers.  

  • Pick a Service provider who is familiar with your wedding venue.
  • Ensure they have the right equipment necessary for that task.
  • Have adequate and qualified staff who will be in charge of setting up the space. 

Once you identify the right company, they should send a representative to investigate the site. They will take note of the space and any grand change they need to take note of. Another detail to note is whether there is an overhead obstruction, including the power line and branches. You will be responsible for informing the party tents whether there are such obstructions. Then the next step is to decide on the type of tent.


Types of tents 

There are diverse choices to choose from when deciding your wedding tents. You have to choose so that the choice you pick will be ideal for your wedding day. 

  • Tension pole tents 

These tents have center poles that are used to hold up the roof. They should be set in softer ground, like grass, instead of concrete. They add elegance to your wedding.

  • Frame tents 

These are clear span structures, which use metal frames to support the roof. They have an open space beneath. Frame tents usually need interior draping to conceal the internal frameworks. Therefore this can increase the cost of your tent rental. However, you can use it to add a luscious look to your wedding through draping and also string lights. 

  • Clear top Tents 

If you’re looking for a more modern look, choose the clear top tents. This type is set using a metal frame, similar to the basic frame tent. However, it is a clear tent with a transparent canopy, allowing plenty of light to shine in. You can leave this option undecorated and straightforward, but it will still look beautiful. The sun will shine around you, or you can add some beauty to that elegant look. Choose the right size for your wedding tent. 

This will depend on the guests you have invited to your wedding. Calculate the number, and then divide it with the capacity of every tent to find the number you require for your event. 


Can one person set up your wedding tent?

Yes, a tent can be set up by just one person. However, this may take some time. And for you to save time, ask the tent supplier to provide you with qualified staff who can handle the tent setting. These experts have the right tools and expertise to ensure that the wedding tent is set up correctly and quickly. 

Want to have a unique wedding venue, then ensure that you choose the right wedding tent. Ensure the company supplies you on time. Also, ask if they deliver and pick the wedding tents. Find a tent rental service that provides who can make your special day beautiful and memorable. 

Photo by Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash