This Blackhawks Hype Video is Guaranteed to Get You Pumped Up

When looking at the Blackhawks 2014-2015 season as a whole, it’s easy to forget some of the amazing moments that defined their memorable journey to the top.


And let’s be honest, with three Cups in six years, there are quite a few memories to pull from.

This Blackhawks hype video compiles some of the best playoff moments from start to finish, with Vermette’s game in double overtime against the Ducks, some phenomenal Crawford saves, and the final countdown as thousands of fans in the United Center saw those last few seconds tick off the clock.


And how about Duncan Keith’s goal in the Stanley Cup clincher? There was no way that man wasn’t skating away with the Conn Smythe Trophy.

A few great regular season moments made the cut too, like Toews’ hat trick against Ottawa in which he took the team from a 2-4 deficit to a 5-4 win.


And how can we forget Jonathan Toews’ legendary heroics in Game 5 against Anaheim in which he scored two goals in the final two minutes to send the game to overtime? We’re still trying to figure out how that second goal went in to be honest…

Anyway, check out the video (courtesy of YouTube user freakz TV).


It’s a bit sad to see that a few of these players are no longer on the roster, but their contributions are forever engraved in our minds.


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