Opa! The Taste of Greektown

Is there anything more satisfying than lighting a plate of saganaki on fire and yelling, “Opa!” with a bunch of strangers?

Maybe eating the saganaki? Eh, no… there’s nothing.


Now in it’s 26th year, the Taste of Greektown blends Old World traditions with present-day inventiveness to give you a one-of-a-kind Hellenic experience… and gyros. We love gyros.

Participating Restaurants


Basically, the best of Greektown is at your disposal.



What Else?

We could show you, or we could tell you. Or… we could do both. Here it is.


Shopping, clothing, wine, more olive oil than you could ever imagine, games for children, dancing, art, and performances. Rumor has it that Plato may even make an appearance, though this is unconfirmed speculation. 



Where Is It?


400 S. Halsted and the surrounding area, in Greektown, on the Near West Side.


When Is It?

Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23rd from noon to 11pm daily.


Free to attend, but food, drinks, and goods will undoubtedly cost you. Expect standard food fest prices.

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