The Most Haunted Ghost Tours in Chicago

The season’s festivities are in full swing, with the chilly fall weather setting in. Between the pumpkin patches and apple picking, the options are endless and sure to keep you busy until the inevitable winter keeps us in the confines of our homes. However, there’s more to fall than pumpkin spice. There are thrill-seeking and bone-chilling adventures for those who love the adrenaline rush: ghost tours in Chicago at legendary haunted spots. Like, actually haunted. So, sign yourself up for one of these for a guaranteed heart-pounding experience, especially if you’re want something other than the fun, cute, and delicious Halloween celebration in Chicago.


Windy City Ghost Tours

The Tin Man Statue at Oz Park, 2021 N. Burling, Chicago, IL 60614

The Windy City Ghost tour is a 60-minute long tour with 8 terrifying stops. Not only are you taking a tour of the city’s most haunted locations, but you get a glimpse of its twisted past. Chicago is better known for its cuisine, culture, art, and architecture but there’s a dark past hidden behind the bustling city we’ve come to love today. 


On this tour, you will explore Civil War era-burial grounds, haunted hospitals, and the pubs that survived Prohibition but now are home to some sinister spirits. The stories shared are not your ordinary ghost stories. They are real tragic events that took place in the very places we go for light-hearted fun. You can almost feel the chill of those who passed breathing down your neck. 

ghost tours in chicago gangster and ghost
Image Credit: Chicago Gangsters and Ghost Tours on Facebook

Chicago Gangsters and Ghost Tours

71 E Wacker Dr Ste 104, Chicago, IL 60601


Chicago Gangsters and Ghost Tours shed light on the crime, gangsters, tragedy, and bloodshed that plagued our city in the 1920s. This time in Chicago was more than prohibition. It was violence and murder. 

This two-hour tour is filled with stories of the area’s horrific history retold along a haunted route located in The Loop. Visit locations like the Congress Hotel, Death Alley, and Palmer House. You will surely leave with a newfound appreciation and fear of the city’s past.

lincoln park ghost tour
Image Credit: American Ghost Walks

Lincoln Park Hauntings Chicago Ghost Tour & Ghost Hunt

1601 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

Put your ghost-hunting skills to the test on the Lincoln Park Hauntings Chicago Ghost Tour & Ghost Hunt. If exploring the eeriest places in the city wasn’t terrifying enough, you will be actively seeking out the spirits that still haunt us. Can you last over two hours knowing those who fell victim to these tragic events walk among you on this tour? 


On this excursion, you’ll learn about Lincoln Park’s connection to the Great Fire of 1871, the truth about the lost graves, the ghosts of Lincoln Park Zoo, and the secret of the scandalous “Suicide Bridge” over the Lagoon. Then, travel to the site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the most infamous mob killing in America. 

Looking to explore the city’s most haunted buildings and neighborhoods? Skip the tours and check out one of the following sites to experience the unexplainable occurrences documented over the years. Each location has its own horrific story and ghosts lurking in the shadows. 

the drake lobby
Image Credit: The Drake

The Drake Hotel

140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

The woman in red is one of many spirits said to be still roaming the halls of the Drake hotel. Rumor has it that she jumped to her death from the 10th floor after finding out her husband had taken an interest in another woman. 


She is not the only restless ghost haunting the guests set to enjoy the luxurious experience The Drake Hotel has to offer. A mother and father to a young boy who was kidnapped and murdered moved into the Drake after their unimaginable loss. After passing shortly after, they are said to still be residing in their suite in sorrow. 

cemetery ghost tours in chicago
Image Credit: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery & Settlement Research Center

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

143rd Street at the Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has had over 100 reports of paranormal experiences on the premises. The most famous grave at the cemetery is marked “Infant Daughter”. It is said that there is a woman in white, believed to be the mother of the child buried here, who still visits the grave. If that isn’t spooky enough, there have been multiple sightings of a phantom dog, a phantom horse, balls of light floating, and human-like apparitions that appear and disappear out of nowhere. You may choose to visit on your own, but you will never be alone.  

Red Lion Pub

2446 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

 You may think the Red Lion pub is your traditional English-style pub, but it is also a location where spirits are known to gather. The pub is located across the street from the theater where John Dillinger was ambushed and killed. Many believe ghosts are roaming the pub to this day. The most infamous ghost to haunt the pub is that of a young woman, the lavender lady. She is often heard to be screaming in the bathroom and, on occasion, locks the door so that no one may enter. 

Tao Chicago

632 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654

 What is now a high-end restaurant and club, was once a Chicago Historical Society building, Excalibur. Those who worked at Excalibur claimed there were several instances of unearthly events. Wine taps were turning on by themselves, bottles breaking, candles were being re-lit, and sightings of ghastly figures throughout the building. It’s been reported the guests hear crying, feel abnormal energy, and have difficulty breathing when in the Dome Room. 

Featured Image: Red Lion Pub