Passion and Anger Fuel ‘The Constitution,’ Playing at Under St Marks

The Constitution, currently playing at Under St Marks, is a very intriguing stage play that explores the formation of a constitution by four passionate individuals.

Written by Mickael de Oliveira, The Constitution takes place in an abandoned gym following the economic downturn of  Portugal in 2009. A group of artists are hired by the government to discuss a “new” constitution for the country.


After viewing this performance, we did a bit of research, having left with curiosity on Portugal’s history. The Portuguese constitution was created in 1976 after the Carnation Revolution of 1975, on which this play has been loosely based.

The play is directed by Jill DeArmon, and stars Maria Leite, Filipe Valle Costa, Diogo Martins and Pedro Carmo. The work from these four actors brings a fascinating and thought-provoking concept to life. Passion, love, underlying resentment, and plenty of anger are the undercurrents that run through this play.


The standout performance was that of Maria Leite. She is so fiery in her presentation of the character, you can almost feel the anger running through her veins. It’s captivating.

If you’re in the mood for a short piece of engaging theatre, we would definitely recommend this performance. It is only running for a very short time at Under St Marks, which is a great little theater in the East Village. It’s perfect for intimate performances such as The Constitution.


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Featured Image Credit: Vanessa Varela for StageBuddy


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