UrbanMatter Team

The UrbanMatter Team

Michael Prussian

Managing Partner

Coming soon.

Wilbur You

Managing Partner

As a young entrepreneur, Wilbur is far from your typical twenty-something, and for good reason. Wilbur joined as a leader of UrbanMatter, Inc. with the goal of growing an empire from the ground up. When he’s not out conquering the world, the young CEO can often be found cheering for the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs and Bears as they take the field.

Michael Norris


As an award-winning author, Michael couldn’t be happier to head the UrbanMatter editorial team. Known by most as the happy-go-lucky guy with terrible jokes, this MBA student can likely be found talking about fantasy football, traveling, or hitting the beach – sometimes all at once.

Courtney Rios

Executive Editor

From writing to drawing and painting, Courtney always strives to feed her creative nature. Her love of writing, wandering the city, and insane attention to grammar brought her to UrbanMatter. When she’s not managing the site, she’s usually going to concerts, trying new eats, and planning her next big travel adventure.

Lauren Urban

Creative Director

From her Shiba Inu, Renner (named after the inventor of the typeface Futura, of course), to the giant ampersand hanging on her office wall, it’s safe to say Lauren embraces design in more than just her 9 to 5– and she has a BFA in Graphic Design to back it all up. Although she grew up in a small town, Lauren has a soft spot for the city. You may have even seen her at a Cubs game or two.

Samantha Quero

Associate Editor

After working in the family services field, Sam decided to take her passion for helping people and use it to share exciting stories and recommendations for anyone looking for things to do. When she’s not assisting with UrbanMatter, Sam enjoys going out with her friends, listening to music, and spending time with her cats, Aria and Mickey.

Samantha Garon

Associate Editor

Sammy Garon can French braid her own hair, become friends with any dog she sees, and has never turned down an invite to yoga or brunch. With a background of study in PR and advertising and organizational communication, she’s worked in event planning, creative marketing, and relationship management. In her free time, she enjoys the arts, exploring, and staying active. She can be reached at sammygaron@gmail.com Instagram: samgaron

Jessica Zimmerman

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

From a young age, Jessica has always been passionate about art and design. With expert skills in graphic design and photography, Jessica is known for finding beauty within any piece of work. When she’s not fueling her creative faculties with copious amounts of coffee at the office, you can find her spending time with her cat Sophie, finding her inner zen at yoga, or out exploring the world.