A ‘Stranger Things’ Pop-Up Bar Opens Tonight, Dreams Do Come True

stranger things pop up barYou watched Stranger Things on Netflix and, let’s face it, you miss it dearly and can’t wait to binge watch the second season in October. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience the curious adventures in Hawkins, Indiana, this is your chance.

According to ChicagoistEmporium Arcade Bar is transforming into a pop-up bar, The Upside Down (2367 North Milwaukee Avenue). It’ll feel so real that you’ll be on the lookout for the Demogorgon. Enter the bar through the Hawkins Department of Energy and look up to see a table with Eleven’s favorite meal, toasted waffles. The design also features the blinking Christmas lights, the Byers’ family couch and all of the other ’80s awesomeness featured on the show.


Don’t get too excited and forget about the alcohol. There will be drinks that are inspired by the sci-fi sensation. Specifically, seven cocktails, two slushies’ and kegs of Goose Island’s GI5-5538 available for purchase.

There also might be a few musical performances (S U R V I V E, maybe?) and mystery guests to look forward to.


The pop-up opens TONIGHT and is scheduled to run through September. Dress up as your favorite character from Stranger Things and spend your weekend in the Upside Down. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of Barb.

Hours: Wednesday – Friday, 5pm to 2am; Saturday, 12pm to 3am; Sunday, 12pm to 2am


Rent The Upside Down for a private party by emailing popups@emporiumchicago.com.


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