Stop What You’re Doing. It’s Time for Chicago Fringe Fest

How do you connect gallant theatergoers and groundbreaking international artists?

Chicago Fringe Fest, baby.


If you’re not familiar with a fringe festival, they’re based around uncensored, inventive & rapid-fire stage performances. Here’s what Chicago’s is all about:

Chicago Fringe Fest by the Numbers

  • 47 groups in 197 performances
  • 50% of the shows are from Chicago area talent
  • 50% are from across the nation and the world
  • Shows are at least 80% scripted, able to be set up in about 10 minutes, and 45-60 minutes in length.
  • 100% of the net box office revenues go to performers for their respective shows, so they want you to attend, and they’re going to crush it.

Two Weekends

Encompassing both Labor Day weekend and the following weekend, Chicago Fringe Fest is located in Jefferson Park on the northwest side of the city. Shows run from 7-11pm weekdays and from 1pm-11pm on weekends and on Labor Day.



If you’re looking to advance in the field of performing arts or something similar, this event is pretty much tailor-made for you. Chicago Fringe Fest reigns supreme when it comes to creating a pop-up community of performers, benefactors, and volunteers. Get your LinkedIn profile ready.


Take Note

  • No Button = No Entry. You won’t get in without one.
  • Don’t Be Late. They won’t let you in after the show has started.
  • Put Your iPhone Down. No photos, no recording, and no texting. No ringing is permitted either, so put that bad boy on vibrate.
  • There Are Free Shows Every Day. Check it out.
  • Fringe Central is Located at Fischman’s Liquor and Tavern. This is the main hub for all of Chicago Fringe Fest. Here you can buy tickets, network, and chill out without worry.



Chicago Fringe Fest takes place in Jefferson Park from Sept 9 to Sept 13. You can get more info at

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