Stop What You’re Doing. It’s Chicago Craft Beer Week

From the moment I first heard about Chicago Craft Beer Week, I’ve been dying to write this article. I’m a huge craft beer fan, with over 200 unique brews on the Untappd app (a must for craft beer lovers), and I personally plan on taking advantage of all the craft brew events in my area when I’m not writing these (somewhat) moving posts for you.

To make it easy for you, here are a few categories breaking down what you need to know about Craft Beer Week:


What is it Exactly?
Basically, Chicago Craft Beer Week is a celebration of lesser-known craft breweries, which Chicago has plenty of. The goal of the event is to attract fans to explore the profoundness and scale of local craft beer and honor those who enhance the community. There are over 300 venues that are participating this year, with plenty of specials and $4 tastings of rare beers to go around. 

When is it?
It’s called Chicago Craft Beer Week, but it’s actually longer than a week. The event kicks off with the “Beer Under Glass” event at Garfield Park Conservatory on May 14th and goes until May 24th, ending with a closing party at Welles Park.


What Beers Can I Try?
I can’t give you an exact answer on this subject, but I will say the better question would be, “What beers can’t you try?” With the hundreds of venues offering multiple types of beer, I don’t think anyone knows the true amount. With that being said, some of the sponsors are Goose Island, Lagunitas, Revolution, and All Rise—so you should be able to find their beers at some of the venues.

Is There a Schedule?
Of course there is. I’d type it all out for you, but to spare those who don’t want to see it, I’ll just link it here.


How About an Interactive Map?
Your wish, my command. Here it is.

Additional Info
You can send photos to Instagram with the #CCBW hastag for a chance to win prizes each day of the event. There’s also an official CCBW app for iOS and Android. The app provides you with the full event calendar and lets you bookmark the events you want to attend. More info on that here.




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