St. Michael Catholic Church

About St. Michael Catholic Church

Built in 1869 and one of the few buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire, St. Michael Catholic Church is a classic symbol of Old Town. Formerly the tallest building in Chicago, it is often said that whether or not you can hear the church’s bells determines the unofficial borders of the neighborhood. St. Michael’s membership includes nearly 700 Chicago households and it often draws attendees from around the world on a weekly basis. It features stained glass windows, a newly restored organ, and a beautiful, historic interior. As one of the oldest and most famous buildings in Chicago, St. Michael Catholic Church is a widely celebrated Old Town landmark.

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1633 N Cleveland Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60614

Hours of Op:
M-F 8 AM & 12 PM
Sat 8 AM & 5 PM
Sun 9 AM, 11 AM, 6 PM