$20 Special Parking for Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is right around the corner, and truthfully we could not be more any more pumped up about it than we already are. Really though, things are getting nuts around here. If you have tickets (or if you’re one of those lost souls who’s going to attempt to sneak in) you’re probably just as fired up, and for good reason.

With all the hype and excitement surround the event, we didn’t want you to lose sight of some pretty helpful info, and as you’ve probably guessed, that’s how we’re gonna intro this blog post.


Of course, we’re talking about Special Parking for Lollapalooza. Though we mentioned this initially in our Lollapalooza Guide, we didn’t want it to fall by the wayside.

Here’s the breakdown:


Single Day Special – $20 from 12 am to 12 am the following day

2 Day Special – $40, with In & Out Privileges


3 Day Special – $50, with In & Out Privileges

The Millennium Park garages will be the big hit, there’s no doubt about that. Instead of paying $35 per day to park there, why not pay $20 instead? Sounds great right? So what’s the catch?


Well, you’ll have to walk… like two blocks.

I know… how will you survive the tremendous hike?? My legs are already jiggling at the thought of using them.


All jokes aside, the garages are located at 318 S. Federal Street and 20 E. Randolph Street, a stone’s throw from Grant Park. It’s your call if the walk is worth the money.

If you want parking for the ENTIRE FEST, listen up. You’ll be able to use the garages however you’d like to, coming and going as you please with no additional charge if you reserve a multi-day special. This means you can leave your car overnight if you find another way home (or end up drinking too much). Conversely, you can drive home and come back the next day without any penalty or issue. Just scan your receipt every time you enter and leave. Easy Peasey.


To get special parking for Lollapalooza, click on any of the links above or right here to view the specials. Enjoy!


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