Buddy Guy’s Legends

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About Buddy Guy's Legends

Buddy Guy’s Legends is arguably the best blues club in Chicago. Since its opening in 1989, Mr. Guy’s stage has been visited by some of the world’s best musicians and performers, hosting everyone from BB King to The Rolling Stones and back again. The walls of this iconic venue are covered in celebrity memorabilia – including a few of Buddy’s own Grammys – making this bar as much museum as it is concert hall. With nightly shows and plenty of good drinks to go around, Buddy Guys is the perfect venue to cure your Saturday night blues.

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700 S Wabash, Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL 60605

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Tuesday 5pm – 2am
Wednesday 11am – 2am
Thursday 12pm – 2am
Friday 11am – 2am
Saturday 12pm – 3am
Sunday 12pm – 2am