See Up-and-Coming Visionaries at SoHo International Film Festival

It’s date night in Lower Manhattan and you’re looking for something to do. You could spend $10 on a movie ticket at AMC Village 7, Regal Union Square, or the Roxy, but let’s be honest – your significant other is getting sick of that. It’s time to get creative. It’s time to get “cultured.” From June 15 – 22, try something a little different, a little more memorable, (and not to mention, affordable). 

soho international film festivalThe SoHo International Film Festival will be taking place at various times throughout the day in the East Village. The festival will be located at Village East Cinema, at 189 2nd Avenue. This film fest has consistently grown each year since its inception, and was named one of MovieMakers Magazine’s “Top 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.” The entry fee sits around $16 (which is only around $6 more than your average price at a standard movie theatre). The festival will always feature innovative, yet refreshing movies made by amateur and professional filmmakers. Oftentimes, these movies bring into light the areas that Hollywood blockbusters refuse to explore, allowing for a realness that goes unseen at normal movie theatres. The SoHo International Film Festival hopes to boost the sense of pride, community, culture, life, and city from wherever the film is from. That said, this year’s festival is expected to showcase a range of films from all over the world. Some countries who’ve had films featured previously are Canada, Australia, Kenya, Japan, and many more.


For budding filmmakers, another enticing feature of this festival is the opportunity to network and gain access to incredible minds. Whether you go to the festival on a date night or you’re going strictly to enjoy the beautiful cinematic pieces, there will be surely be a number of creatives in attendance. The SoHo Film Festival plans on holding screenings, panels, and social events for amateurs, professionals, and fans to interact!

Click here to buy tickets, and see the complete schedule below:


Thursday, June 15

  • The Broken Ones (US Feature) – 5:45pm
  • Last Night in Rozzie (US Short)

Friday, June 16

  • Minor Motion Picture (US Feature) – 5:30pm
  • A Sibling Mystery (US Feature) – 5:40pm
  • Life Hack (US Feature) – 7:30pm
  • The Dunning Man (US Feature) – 7:45pm
  • Four Bottles (US Feature) – 9:25pm
  • Crazy Famous (US Feature) – 9:45pm

Saturday, June 17

  • Mercer Street Series – 11am
  • Prince Street Series – 1:40pm
  • Between the Shades (Documentary) – 4:20pm
  • Landing Up (US Feature) – 6:30pm
  • Dead Draw (US Feature) – 8:45pm

Sunday, June 18

  • Broome Street Series – 11am
  • Spring Street Series – 1:40pm
  • After the Sun Fell (US Feature) – 4:20pm
  • The Karma Club (US Feature) – 6:50pm

Monday, June 19

  • Wooster Street Series – 5:30pm
  • Curiosity, Adventure & Love (Documentary) – 6pm
  • Yellow Fever (UK) – 7:30pm
  • Seeing is Believing: Women Direct (Documentary) – 7:45pm
  • Eyes of the Roshi (US Feature) – 9:15pm

Tuesday, June 20

  • Grand Street Exhibition Series – 5:30pm
  • The Karamazoffs: A Walk on the SoHo Years (Documentary) – 6pm
  • Follow the Money (Documentary) – 7:45pm
  • The Eccentrics on the Sunny Side of the Street (Poland) – 8pm

Wednesday, June 21

  • Crosby Street Series – 5:45pm
  • Bardo Blues (US/Thailand) – 6:30pm
  • Day 6 / Día Seis (Mexico) – 8pm

Thursday, June 22

  • Awards Ceremony (Location TBA) – 8pm


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