Report Names Hottest Chicago Neighborhoods for 2016

The picks are in.

Since 2016 has barely begun, so nobody can truly pinpoint the hottest Chicago neighborhoods for the year just yet. That hasn’t stopped online real estate juggernaut Zillow from taking a stab at it, though.

The move is nothing new for the real estate enterprise, as their Zillow Home Value forecast emerges every year with a new set of predictions. The index is the median estimate of the current home value in an area. It takes into account location, special features, and market conditions.

Here’s the list as predicted by Zillow:

1) West Loop Gate (6.3% forecasted home value growth)

2) South Loop (5.8% forecasted home value growth)


3) Pill Hill (5% forecasted home value growth)

4) Budlong Woods & Belmont Terrace (4.9% forecasted home value growth)


5) Gage Park (4.6% forecasted home value growth)

According to the numbers, West Loop Gate is the place to be, as it towered over the competition with a 6.3% forecasted growth. South Loop, Pill Hill, Budlong Woods & Belmont Terrace, and Gage Park rounded out the rest of the top five.


You can learn more about the Zillow Home Value Index and its ratings on their official site.