Randolph Street Market Fest Brings in Great Deals Every Month

Every summer, Randolph Street comes alive in the form of a huge monthly marketplace. There are a ton of bargains to be had here, so if you’re someone who likes flea markets or shopping around for deals, this one’s for you. Additionally, It’s both indoor and outdoor, which means you can either sit outside and bask in the sun or hang out inside and avoid the rain. Here are the details on the monthly fests:

General Info


Randolph Street Market Fest is actually comprised of four different markets, so there’s probably something here you’ll enjoy. It’s broken down into the Chicago Antique Market, Indie Designer Market, Modern Vintage Chicago, and the Holiday Market. Not all four markets are around each month, so check to see when they’ll be in town (below) before finalizing your plans.



You can buy tickets for the market fest at their official site, RandolphStreetMarket.com or at the gate. Online, tickets are $8, and they’re $10 once you get there. In addition, season passes are available for a discounted price of $150 for all fests. 



The upcoming 2015 schedule is as follows:

  • July 25-26: Chicago Antique Market
  • August 29-30: Chicago Antique Market
  • October 24-25: Randolph Street Market
  • November 21-22: Holiday Market
  • November 28-29: Holiday Market
  • December 12-13: Holiday Market

All fests take place from 10 am to 5 pm, though some feature early buying Saturday’s beginning at 8 am.



Randolph Street Market is located at Chicago’s Plumber’s Hall, 1340 W. Washington Street.


Additional Info

Food is always for sale, so don’t worry about shopping on an empty stomach. In fact, the fest features 8 Acres of shopping, eating, drinking, live music and entertainment. Not to mention 250+ Vendors of Vintage, Antique, Indie Designer, Global Goods, and Fancy Foods.