Poll: Which Super Bowl Commercial Was Your Favorite?

Watch them all here.

While I think we can all agree that seeing a real-life “Puppymonkeybaby” would be one of the creepiest experiences ever, this year’s Super Bowl commercials had a few gems that will surely be talked about for… well, at least a couple more days.

View your favorite commercials below and vote on your favorite at the bottom. We promise to not go all Steve Harvey on you with the results.

T-Mobile Calls Out Verizon

In typical Steve Harvey fashion, we were given the wrong result.

Kevin Hart is a Helicopter Parent

Nothing like a good ol’ night on the town with Kevin Hart stalking you.


Steven Tyler’s Skittles Portrait

But can it sing?

Avocados From Mexico

Perhaps the most unique of the entire list, this one is set in the future at the Museum of Earthly Wonders. One thing we’d like to point out… that dress is black & blue.

Drake’s Restricted Bling

Even if you didn’t like Drake previously, you have to give him some respect for those moves.

The Bud Light Party

They’d get our vote… just saying.

Alec Baldwin’s House Party

There’s quite a bit of star power in this one. That, and a couple of barbs between Baldwin and Dan Marino.

Snickers – Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe just isn’t herself when she’s hungry…


This one is kind of like the guy at the party who keeps rubbing nacho cheese on people who walk past him. It’s funny, but some of you are gonna hate it.


Key and Peele as… Announcers?

The NFL might need to hire these guys.


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