It’s Game Time at Motor Row Beer & Wine Fest

Plastered all over the web, you’ll find pretty much the same few paragraphs of info on Motor Row Beer & Wine Fest. It’s historic, it’s Chicago, and it’s in the fabled district that satisfied America’s love for the then-newfound motor vehicle.

Don’t get us wrong, that’s all well and good. We don’t want to dismiss history by any means (and frankly we didn’t really know that about Motor Row) but there are much better reasons to attend Motor Row Beer & Wine Fest.


Motor Row Beer & Wine Fest is for you if:

  • You like drinking in the streets of Chicago.
  • You like craft beer & wine.
  • You live near the South Loop & want to get outside this weekend.
  • You’re looking to kick back, relax & enjoy some live music.
  • You believe that Labor Day should be used as a hangover recovery day.

Motor Row Beer & Wine Fest might not be for you if:

  • You consider yourself to be a Neo-prohibitionist.
  • You despise the thought of being outside in the sun on a beautiful day.
  • You think those youngins and their hip craft beer are destroying the world one sip at a time.
  • Your version of a good time includes painting a wall, then staring at it for a few hours and marveling at the texture.
  • You own 9 or more cats

Alright, you get the picture. There’s really no reason not to check the fest out. It’s the first annual, so it’s a bit hard to tell you what to expect. But, if you’ve never really explored the South Loop on a beautiful day, there isn’t a much better time to give it a whirl.

Here’s what we do know:

  • You can sample beers from more than a dozen microbreweries
  • Wine & live music throughout the day
  • General Admission is $5
  • Tasting passes are good for up to 15 samples of beer or wine. These are going for $35
  • The fest is located between the 1600-1800 blocks of South Wabash Ave.


Motor Row Beer & Wine Fest takes place on Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 5-6 from 1pm to 10pm daily. You can learn more at


Photo Credit: La Jolla Wine Tours


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