How and Where to Celebrate Mother’s Day in New York City

The days of homemade gifts and haphazardly signed cards are over; you are a grown-ass adult and you are financially capable of organizing a nice day out with your mom. But what could possibly be worthy?

We at UrbanMatter know that mothers come from all walks of life and each has their own unique interests. So, whether you still rely on your mom to pay your car insurance, or you’re a new mom yourself, we’ve made it easy for you to find something to do as a family with this list of Mother’s Day brunches, dinners, and events.


Explore these extraordinary places around New York City on May 13!




De Maria
Photo Credit: De Maria Facebook
  • Bobo – If casual sophistication is a good way to describe your mom’s taste, she’s going to love this humble brunch place with an adorable outdoor patio.
  • De Maria – For a unique, health-conscious breakfast choice, you’ll want to stick to this minimalistic brunch spot.
  • La Pecora Bianca – You might not usually put Italian and breakfast together, but this combination is to die for. Bring mom to this place and enjoy delicacies featuring an assortment of cheeses.
  • Mother’s Day Brunch in the Garden – Queens Botanical Garden is hosting a lovely, outdoor brunch that includes a complimentary glass of wine, so you and your mom can get smashed together before noon.
  • Rosie’s – Maybe you both have a taste for something a little spicier. Indulge in the epitome of Mexican cuisine when you visit Rosie’s.



Photo Credit: Cagen Facebook
  • L’Amico – If your mom’s a fan of cheesy food, take her to the pinnacle of fancy pizza-making when you visit this innovative Italian restaurant.
  • Cagen – For the utmost refinement in Japanese cooking, try this modern and minimalistic restaurant with your favorite sushi buddy (mom, duh).
  • Catch – There’s no finer seafood restaurant in the city, and you wouldn’t want to settle for less for the person who literally birthed you, now would you?
  • Cosme – Yes, we realize this place serves hella expensive duck carnitas. But you have to realize that they are entirely worth it. And so is your mom.
  • Upland – Catch an unbelievable three-course meal at this fresh, California-inspired restaurant.



Desserts & Events

Photo Credit: Smorgasburg Facebook
  • Butter & Scotch – You could probably make a whole day out of this delectable bakery bar. Satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth at this boozy dessert place. It even has a low-key feminist vibe, if you pride yourself on seeing through that filter.
  • Eataly – Whether you have Italian roots or not, we are sure your mom will appreciate the mouthwatering treats and tempting gifts to be found at this renowned food market.
  • Mother’s Day at Wave Hill – Spend the day outdoors with a supremely coordinated picnic, a spontaneous yoga session, and even a delicious brunch in Armor Hall.
  • Sanctuary T – A literal haven for tea-infused cocktails, let your mom relax in this zen-like atmosphere on Mother’s Day.
  • Smorgasburg Prospect Park – Take a trip out to Prospect Park for a day at this summery, open-air food market and buy your mom something fresh.