Millennium Park’s Centerpiece: ‘The Bean’

Need a great spot to take selfies and pictures? The Bean is awaiting your arrival!

If you live in Chicago or visit the city frequently, you have probably taken pictures with the Cloud Gate sculpture (more commonly known as ‘The Bean’).  If you are planning a trip to Chicago for the first time anytime soon, I would definitely recommend a visit to this amazing structure.

The Cloud Gate was designed by artist Anish Kapoor and construction began in 2004. The structure was completed and formally dedicated in May of 2006, and it has been the centerpiece of Millennium Park in the Chicago Loop ever since. If you walk through Millennium Park (especially on a weekend), you will see a swarm of people trying to take pictures with The Bean.


I myself have been lucky enough to get selfies and pictures of family and friends with the help of this amazing sculpture. The Bean is made of highly polished stainless steel plates, so its reflection is perfect for taking pictures that capture the amazing Chicago skyline in the background. And it’s free! The Bean is hard to miss, weighing 110 tons with a 12ft high arch that gives visitors the option to walk under and around the sculpture.

The Cloud Gate sculpture is nicknamed ‘The Bean’ because of its shape and people of all ages love it! Children love the sculpture because they are able to run through it, around it, and even gaze at their reflection while making funny faces. In my opinion, The Bean is great for taking memorable photos while giving people of all ages a chance to make amazing memories with family and friends.


The Bean is always open but it is very busy on the weekends. My recommendation: visit the bean on a weekday or early mornings when it is less crowded. If not, you might have wait a few extra minutes to take a picture. Make a day of it and explore! There are many restaurants and boutiques near the Chicago Gate sculpture.

More importantly: DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!


The Cloud Gate Sculpture

201 E Randolph St.


Chicago, IL 60601


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