Finally, Midway Airport Renovations Are Calling For New Restaurants

Midway International Airport is stepping up its game with $250 million renovations, and part of that plan includes all-new places to dine. Finally, Midway travelers will have some top-notch eats to enjoy in between flights.

According to Eater Chicago, The addition of 12 new bars and restaurants is a major part of the airport’s renovation plan. Currently, the airport is accepting liquor license applications and there are quite a few in consideration.


Schaller’s Pump, a Chicago White Sox mainstay and one of the oldest bars in Chicago, is one establishment vying for a spot at the airport. A bar from either Stella Artois or Goose Island is also a part of the plan. There will also be a White Sox-themed bar and grill, but details on the name and developer haven’t been determined yet. If you like sushi, you might be in luck. The creator of Slurping Turtle wants to add a Tabo Sushi, which is also in River North, to Midway Airport.

Other establishments that have applied to join Midway International Airport include Home Run Inn Pizza, DeColores Burrito Joint, Reilly’s Daughter, Café L’Appetito, Rebar No. 9, Pizza Vino, and Wrigleyville’s HVAC Pub.


Separately, the airport plans to upgrade other aspects of its facility, such as widening its pedestrian bridge. No timing for the project has been confirmed yet.

Stay tuned for more coverage on renovations at Midway International Airport.


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