Must-Try Dishes From Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Chicago

Although Chicago’s Michelin-star restaurants totaled to 22 this year (three less than last year), the City is still champion of prestigious eateries. So here’s a list of 22 nominated restaurants, their star ratings, and even what to order once you get there.



Alinea | Three Stars

Photo Credit: Alinea Instagram

1723 North Halsted Street

It’s no surprise this fine-dining favorite made the list once again. In fact, this aesthetically pleasing restaurant should be on your bucket list, if not already.


Must try: The Edible Helium Balloon



Acadia | Two Stars

Photo Credit: Acadia Instagram

1639 South Wabash Avenue

This upscale restaurant is the best in serving up New American cuisine with a Maine-inspired touch.


Must Try: Fried Jidori Chicken, with Pickled Cauliflower, Butter Chicken Sauce, & Cilantro @ The Bar



Oriole | Two Stars

Photo Credit: Oriole Instagram

661 West Walnut Street

This hidden gem is a stylish, intimate venue with contemporary American eats.


Must try: Mangalica and Beausoleil



Smyth | Two Stars

Photo Credit: Smyth Instagram

177 North Ada Street #101

Charming and rustic, Smyth is a unique restaurant with awesome American fare coupled with splendid wine pairings.

Must try: Lacquered Squab with Pear, Fall Leaves, and Roasted Yeast


Band of Bohemia | One Star

Band of Bohemia
Photo Credit: Band of Bohemia Instagram

4710 North Ravenswood Avenue

Known as the “Culinary Brewhouse”, Band of Bohemia is an urban restaurant with New American cuisine and impeccable house beers.

Must try: Chicken & Biscuit @ Brunch  


Blackbird | One Star

Photo Credit: Blackbird Instagram

Bright and elegant, Blackbird is a sleek spot serving up Midwestern cuisine.

Must Try: Ahi Tuna with Seared Foie Gras, Kuri Squash, and Tangelo


Boka | One Star

Photo Credit: Boka

1729 North Halsted Street

For an outstanding ambiance and quality American cuisine, Boka is the only way.

Must try: Dry Aged Beef Tartare 


Dusek’s Board & Beer | One Star

John Dusek's Board & Beer
Photo Credit: John Dusek’s Board & Beer Instagram

1227 West 18th Street

Combining food, beer, and hospitality, John Dusek’s Board & Beer is the gathering place for quality food and an awesome time.

Must try: Carrot Cavatelli 


El Ideas | One Star

El ideas
Photo Credit: EL ideas Instagram

2419 West 14th Street

A BYOB restaurant with fine-dining? I’m always down for that.

Must try: Salt baked Sunchoke


Elizabeth | One Star

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Instagram

4835 North Western Avenue

Elizabeth’s Restaurant prides itself in natural foods they like to call “New Gather,” which focuses on curated dishes made largely from fruits and vegetables.

Must Try: Wagyu beef “Bourgogne,” Wild Mushrooms, Butternut Squash Dauphinoise


Elske | One Star

Elske Restaurant
Photo Credit: Elske Restaurant Instagram

1350 West Randolph Street

Simply sleek and Danish-inspired, this crisp restaurant knows a thing or two about quality food.

Must try: Seared Bay Scallops with Brussels Sprouts, Sauerkraut, and Pear Butter


Entente | One Star

Photo Credit: Entente Instagram

3056 North Lincoln Avenue

If you’re a foodie, add this to your list. High-end food, casual dining, and great hospitality is something everyone deserves.

Must try: Hudson Valley Foie Gras 


Everest | One Star

Photo Credit: Everest Instagram

425 South Financial Place 40th floor

Located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, Everest features the finest French cuisine you’ll set your eyes on.

Must try: Line Caught Wild Atlantic Cod, Choucroute and Pumpernickel, with Marinated Cucumber, & Caraway Seed


Goosefoot | One Star

goosefoot Chicago
Photo Credit: goosefoot Chicago

2656 West Lawrence Avenue

Another BYOB restaurant located in the heart of Lincoln Square, serving up modern French eats.

Must try: Angus Beef, Spiced Beluga Lentils, Cumin Compressed Apple


North Pond | One Star

North Pond
Photo Credit: North Pond Instagram

2610 North Cannon Drive

North Pond is an upscale eatery using local ingredients to curate supreme dishes.

Must try: Roasted Garlic, Celeriac, and Grapes


Parachute | One Star

Parachute Restaurant
Photo Credit: Parachute Restaurant Instagram

3500 North Elston Avenue

Parachute is a chic restaurant, dishing up Korean cuisine with an American twist.

Must try: Monkfish Stewed with Soybean Sprouts and Olives 


Roister | One Star

Photo Credit: Roister Instagram

951 West Fulton Market

For a casual eatery, with laid-back vibes, the Roister is a wonderful option. And of course, their New American foods are irresistible.

Must try: Cheddar Rillettes: Truffle, Cauliflower, and Fry Bread


Schwa | One Star

Photo Credit: Yelp

1466 North Ashland Avenue

For a creative spin on American cuisine, Schwa is an intimate spot with raving eats.

Must Try: Lamb with Coconut, Green Curry, and Rootbeer


Sepia | One Star

Photo Credit: Sepia Instagram

123 North Jefferson Street

A fuse between rustic and contemporary, Sepia is a stylish yet welcoming restaurant with classic foods.

Must try: Veal Tortelloni with Macadamia Nuts, Trout Roe, and Shanton Broth


Spiaggia | One Star

Photo Credit: Spiaggia Instagram

980 North Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 1

Spiaggia is an illustrious Italian restaurant with high quality eats to match its high-quality price.

Must try: Roasted Duck Confit with Corn, Guanciale, and Pickled Cherries


Temporis | One Star

Temporis Restaurant
Photo Credit: Temporis Restaurant Instagram

933 North Ashland Avenue

Temporis Restaurant uses local ingredients and organic plants from their hydronic garden to craft creative eats in the comfort of their contemporary home.

Must try: Siberian Reserve Caviar, Potato Gnocchi, White Asparagus Cream


Topolobampo | One Star

Photo Credit: Topolobampo

445 North Clark Street

The cool and artsy Topolobampo is an intimate restaurant with delicious Mexican cuisine.

Must Try: Crepas, Cajeta, Black Zapote, Black Sesame




*Note: Some dishes are seasonal and will only be here a period of time.