6 Sexist & Misogynist Comments Men Should Stop Saying to Women

In honors of Women’s History Month, we wanted to spotlight six eye-rolling sexist comments men tend to say. Whether its pretentious words of wisdom that literally no one asked for or wack ass pick-up lines considered as flirting, women would prefer plucking their eyelashes out than hear a guy say these sexist comments.

So here are the top-cringeworthy comments women wish men would stop saying.


Now, let the irrational comments from wounded men begin!



“Showering without me? ;)”

Can we please retire this tired ass line once and for all. Since the cusp of Jr. High, when boys discovered they could play with more than just themselves, this sexist comment has been the start and end of every conversation ever. Now, it has developed as some filler line for texting, or when trying to make a frail attempt at sexting. I mean, what the hell are we suppose to say? Come on over and I’ll wait for you butt naked on the cold edge of my tub? No thank you, next.



“I like my girls natural/You don’t need makeup, you’re beautiful just the way you are/I like my girls to dress like…”


*stares blankly while wearing a full face of makeup*

This may sound odd to you, but women don’t actually wear clothes or put on makeup for a man’s validation. I know, I know, but bear with me here. Not one woman on this planet cares what you like, and if they do, they shouldn’t. The whole point of women being individuals is getting to choose what they do or wear. That means expressing themselves in the way that they feel like doing so. If a woman’s wearing makeup, its because she chooses to. It’s because she likes how it makes her look and feel. It has nothing to do with you. So, it’s mighty arrogant and sexist for men to make this comment in a conversation among women like they’re supposed to take note. Can we say entitled?


This is not to say you can’t compliment a lady’s bare face (for women love their compliments in the right settings), just don’t play wise guy. I promise you, it’ll come off pretentious every time.



“Smile, pretty lady/why you frowning?”

I’m minding my business, sir. Pretty sure anyone walking with a permanent smile on their face is nothing short of a serial killer. As much as we like to think that only crusty-old baby boomers still say this, unfortunately, not. Somehow, this misogynist remark was passed down and there’s nothing worse than invading someone’s personal space to ask them why they aren’t smiling. Let’s think about it, how bold is it of you to come up to a stranger and tell them to smile? Were you actually smiling before you came up to them? Are we stuck in an alternate dimension where everyone must smile ear to ear while pumping their gas or walking down the street? Leave us #restingbitchface women alone.



“You’re pretty for a….”

Is usually followed by something obscenely racist, stereotypical, and demeaning. It’s not a compliment in any way to tell someone that she’s pretty for a black girl, or big girl, or whatever odd assessment you generate from your simple mind with the intention of flirting. Telling someone that you’re not usually into their type mostly translates to I generally don’t like or find “your kind” attractive, but you are an exception. A backhanded compliment is an insult is an insult. Just say you’re pretty and move on.


“Send me pix”

Please, fellas, don’t let us down. Don’t ask someone, you’ve only known a relatively short time, for a pic of any kind. We all know what “pix” you want, and the answer is no. #Blocked


“You’re being Crazy/Fiesty/Aggressive/Mean/a Bitch…”

Stop calling a girl crazy, sassy, aggressive, bitter, mean, or bitchy when she doesn’t submit to your wants. I know, I know, but what if she’s being crazy? Setting your car on fire, calling you over 1,000 times, and smearing pigs blood all over your walls is crazy. Realistically, 9 times out of 10, when this misogynist remark leaves the mouth of a totally entitled crybaby, it usually means that either 1) Things aren’t steering in the direction you wanted it to go (meaning you couldn’t get in her pants) and now you will proceed to turn it on her, or 2) She caught you in a lie and is upset and you will still proceed to turn it on her.


….And now for some honorary mentions!



Ahhh, good ole’ mansplaining. Ain’t nothing like a man assuming he knows everything about a topic he knows nothing about.


“Calm Down”

“Calm Down” – says no guy ever still alive to tell the story.


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