Mean Tweets: Chicago Winter Edition

Seasons have feelings, too…

Okay, no they don’t. And probably for the best. If they did, Chicago winter would be the outcast standing in the corner that everyone’s sort of hesitant to talk to.

At best, winter in Chicago is an acquired taste. Not necessarily a love-or-hate, but more like a multitude of emotions you have to work through from early December to about mid-March (or even early April, if we’re particularly unlucky).


It’s totally possible to warm up to Chicago winters (awful pun intended) instead of leaving it standing in the corner. But, since the party’s only just begun – and since social media was made for trading complaints – we compiled some of the best jokes, grumbles, groans, and downright boycotts of winter in Chicago. Because sometimes it’s better to just let it out.






Maybe there’s a way to make parkas fashionable?








We’ve all been there…



Is that even possible? Here, probably…



Do we detect a hint of sarcasm?






Can we come with you?



C’mon kids, if your teacher can brave through it, you can too!



Hang in there, buddy. Our thoughts are with you.



Totally legitimate question this time of year.



Sorry, OneRepublic… come back next summer!

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