Luft Balloon is Here to Bring You Joyful Colors

Hey, hey. Want us to let you in on a secret? If you’re feeling down, go check out Luft Balloon! They’re here to take care of you with colorful, dynamic balloon designs that boast personality, happiness, and positivity — what we need the most in today’s world.

Established during the pandemic, Luft Balloon, an 100% female-owned business, has quickly become the well-known business of Joy among many Chicago residents and businesses alike. Now officially B-Corp certified, owner Elaine and her amazingly talented team cannot wait to change more lives with their vibrant and joyful balloon designs. Combining ballons with activism, Luft Balloon is also at the forefront of many important causes, including Black Lives Matter, supporting small businesses, and mental health awareness.


The Beginning of Everything

It’s not every day someone thinks about starting a balloon business. So what got Elaine, the founder of Luft Balloon, into this world, and why did it become her passion? Well, turned out it wasn’t that hard to navigate the balloon design world, after all, because Elaine came from a landscaping background.


While we cannot begin fathoming building domes and trees with balloons, Elaine pointed out that the design and creation process was actually not as different as we’d think from landscaping. Basically, it still goes back to building structures, whether its the big Christmas balloon pop-up, or the smaller balloon bursts.

As of why she chose balloon as her current medium, Elaine shared with us how the business idea came into place.


“It’s always been about bringing joy to our communities,” said Elaine as she talked about her very first balloon burst — an impulsive creation when she was stuck in her house when the pandemic first started. All she needed was some sort of an outlet, so she decided to build a balloon burst outside of her house, and immediately saw how much joy it brought to her neighbors.

Her neighbors would come to ask if they could get a balloon burst as well, and that was the very beginning of Luft Balloon.


A Purpose-Driven Business

Have you seen colorful balloon bursts outside some small businesses last year? That’s good work from Luft Balloon! Every year, Luft Balloon chooses a cause to contribute to, following their slogan of “encouraging dialogue with balloons.” And for 2021, they chose to support small businesses considering how much negative impact the pandemic has caused.


The idea is simple. Who wouldn’t be drawn to a bunch of colorful balloons? And when you look at the balloons, you’ll see the business they’re featuring. Wouldn’t you want to walk in just to see what’s going on? Even if you don’t, wouldn’t you at least remember that business? For example, the next time you see that brand name, you might go: “Oh wait, I remember them! That’s the place with those awesome balloons!”

Meanwhile, you can also shop advocacy balloons for BLM, mental health awareness & suicide prevention, and peace advocacy balloons and bursts at Luft for free. More message ballons will be added in the future, too.

Get Your Balloons Today

Did we get your interest up in Luft Balloons? I mean… Come on. It’s cute, colorful balloons we’re talking about. Who doesn’t smile at a bunch of balloons? So, whether you’re looking for something to make your return-to-office this year brighter, or planning a surprise birthday present, or looking to decorate an event venue, add balloons to your list of options.

In the future, Elaine, the owner of Luft, is also planning on developing a collaborative program involving local artists and businesses.  They also do pop-ups and seasonal balloon designs for different holidays. Therefore, better stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

Featured Image Credit: UrbanMatter Chicago