Walk With Holiday Lights (and Wear Them Too) at The 606

The most interactive holiday lights festival in the city

From Milwaukee and Leavitt to Ridgeway Avenue, Logan Square’s Bloomingdale Trail will be adorned with gorgeous lights to celebrate the season. Daily runners and bikers won’t be able to escape the festive spirit – and won’t want to either! Join the 2nd Annual Walk with Lights Festival on Sunday, December 11 from 4pm – 6:30pm

The coolest part? The light’s aren’t just for the trail. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the fun by dressing up in lights as well. Wrap yourself in string lights, put LED lights on your bike, or wave glow sticks in the air. Anyone participating will be a part of a major spectacle for passersby in the neighborhood.


Along the trail, you can enjoy warm beverages, s’mores, holiday music, and can warm up by fire pits. At the end of the trail, you’ll find a winter clothing drive where you can give back to those in need in honor of the holidays.

The 606 is a former rail corridor used during the late 19th century, aiding in major industrial growth for the city. The historic trail gained plans for redevelopment in the past decade, and fairly recently boomed in popularity as a public recreation space, art installation site, and nature habitat that has redefined transportation in the neighborhood. To find upcoming events on the 606, visit their website.


Featured image by Daniel Hamer


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