Where to Find (Legal) CBD Edibles on 4/20

Liberal though it may be, New York has still yet to join the like of California and Colorado in legalizing recreational marijuana. I know, I know – boo them.

But while, yes, the real-deal shit might remain out of reach for many of NYC’s law-abiding stoners, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to resort to buying off of some sketchy white dude named Seth to celebrate 4/20.


Here’s where you can find totally and completely legal CBD*-infused edibles in NYC.



Van Leeuwen

4/20 Cannabis Edibles
Photo Credit: Van Leeuwen

Multiple Locations

Stop by the Lower East Side on April 20th for a 420 treat for the books. Van Leeuwen ice cream and sweet treats is serving up a CBD ~enhanced~ sundae for ice cream enthusiasts 21 and over, engineered to make sure your day is extra chill.



Sweets by Chloe

4/20 Edibles NYC
Photo Credit: by Chloe

185 Bleeker St


the by Chloe brand may be really havin’ a moment right now, but none of their products yet have gotten us quite as jazzed as the Daily Hit Brownie, a collab with CBD gods CAP Beauty.



The Alchemist’s Kitchen

4/20 Edibles NYC
Photo Credit: The Alchemist’s Kitchen

21 East 1 St

An apothecary/marketplace/chill-house dedicated entirely to the power of plants, The Alchemist’s Kitchen sells a handful of CBD products, edibles among them.



Caffeine Underground

4/20 Edibles NYC
Photo Credit: Caffeine Underground Instagram

447 Central Ave, Brooklyn


Caffeine + CBD = a godsend. Stop by on 4/20 for coffees, lattes, lollipops, caramels and yes, even jams.


CAP Beauty

420 Edibles
Photo Credit: CAP Beauty Instagram

338 W 10th St

So, no – CAP Beauty doesn’t sell much by the way of edibles themselves, but they DO sell a CBD oil you can pretty much add to any meal ya want.


Grass Roots Juicery

4/20 Edibles NYC
Photo Credit: Grass Roots Juicery Instagram

336a Graham Ave, Brooklyn

Makin’ your latte’s and smoothies with 100% more CBD all year round.


5th & Mad

4/20 Edibles NYC
Photo Credit: 5th & Mad

7th E 36th St

CBD cocktails – need we say more?


Oliver Coffee

CBD 4/20 Edibles NYC
Photo Credit: Oliver Coffee Instagram

5 Oliver St

CBD specialty drinks from the cutest damn window you’ve ever seen.


*For those of you who are yet unaware, CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It’s said to soothe inflammation, lessen the effects of anxiety and just generally mellow everyone out. Oh, and it’s totally legal.


Featured Image Credit: Sweets by Chloe

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