10 Killer Frozen Drinks for Summer in NYC

Summer is here baby, and so are the summer drinks. And from classic margs to trendy frosé, we’ve got you covered

These are the top 10 frozen cocktails in NYC.



Jargarita @ Sweet & Vicious

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Sweet & Vicious

5 Spring St, Nolita


This midtown favorite’s famous jargaritas* are damn fine and come in flavors like strawberry, peach, mango, guava, and pomegranate liquor.

*A jargarita is a margarita served in a jar, just FYI.



Brancolada @ Donna

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Donna Instagram

27 Broadway, Brooklyn 


Imagine a piña colada made with Fernet Branca and you’ve got yourself the brancolada a Donna’s. Perfect for anyone searching out that one-two-punch of sour and sweet in their frozen cocktail this summer.



Frosé @ Refinery Rooftop

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Refinery Rooftop IG

63 W 38th St, New York, NY

Sip on a refreshing blend of rose, orange cordial, and lemon on one of New York’s hottest rooftops.



Paloma @ Playa Betty’s

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Playa Betty’s

320 W Amsterdam, Upper West Side


The frozen paloma at Playa Betty’s is a New York summer staple. Made with Cuervo Silver, grapefruit, lime, and pink peppercorn-salted rim, there are few better-frozen sips.


Willie’s Frozen Coffee @ Skinny Dennis

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Skinny Dennis Instagram

152 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

Literally described on their menu as “that coffee thing” this relatively famous coffee drink at this Brooklyn dive is basically a bourbon and coffee slushie. Yum.


Painkiller @ The Johnsons

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Facebook

369 Troutman St, Brooklyn

Simple. Delicious. Frozen. Hell yeah.


Frosé @ Pig Beach

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Pig Beach IG

480 Union St, Brooklyn

BBQ and frozen rosé, sounds like a plan.


The Dark & Slushie @ Glady’s

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Glady’s Instagram

788 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn 

Dark & Stormy, meet slushie form. Summer perfection.


Frosémonade @ Extra Fancy

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Extra Fancy IG

302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

Pronounced FRO • ZAY • MO • NADE. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.


Sundowner @ Sally Roots

Frozen Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Sally Roots IG

195 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn 

Made with coconut cream, pineapple, guava, orange, lime and – yes, I am quoting – all of the rums, this is one tropical frozen cocktail you won’t wanna pass up.


Featured Image Credit: Glady’s Instagram

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