Meet Dinosaurs at New ‘Jurassic World’ Exhibit at the Field Museum

jurassic world field museum

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to live through prehistoric times and roam with the dinosaurs, there’s an upcoming exhibit that’ll make that experience feel more real than ever before.


Taking inspiration from the 2015 hit adventure film, Jurassic World, the Field Museum is creating an outdoor habitat of their own for lifelike dinosaurs. Judging by events in the film franchise, we hope it isn’t too lifelike…

The museum teamed up with paleontologist Jack Horner, the same one who helped bring the Jurassic World film to life, to bring accuracy and authenticity to the exhibit. Getting an up close and personal look at what these larger-than-life creatures would’ve been like will probably be one of the most intense experiences you’ll find at a Chicago museum. If the exhibit is anything like the film, which is the third highest-grossing film at the box office of all time, it’ll probably get plenty of attention.


And of course, what would a dinosaur exhibit be without Sue? Visitors can gain all-new appreciation for this incredible creature, as well as the rest of the Field Museum’s fossil collection.

As with many Field Museum exhibits, this one is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. It’s sure to be just as educational as it is entertaining. Jurassic World: The Exhibition opens on May 26 and runs through January 7, 2018, operating from 9am – 5pm.


To get tickets ahead of everyone else, click here to learn how to sign up.


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