How Vulgar Are Chicago Sports Fans?

Almost all of us have stumbled across Reddit nowadays. If you’re not familiar with the website, then all you really need to know is that it’s a platform made up of an endless number of communities geared towards topics known as, “subreddits”. There’s subreddits for all sorts of things, like politics, different video game franchises, the Amish (which, doesn’t have any posts), and even sports! And today, we’ll be diving right into those sport subreddits, and more specifically: the one’s dedicated to pro teams!

With these professional sport team subreddits, our friends over at OddsSeeker began to wonder which city’s team fans are the most vulgar? They took a look at fan bases from coast-to-coast, and what they found might surprise you.


Who’s The Biggest Potty Mouth?

First things first: it wasn’t Chicago sports fans.


To start answering this question, OddsSeeker examined comments across all the subreddits for teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Their timeframe explored comments over the course of a year that started with March 15 of last year to the same date this year. Keep that context in mind when we recap what cities and teams ranked highest, as recent team performance most certainly played a part in the results.

City-wise, the Big Apple topped the rankings with the most vulgar fans according to OddsSeeker. The New York Mets had the most vulgar fans in the city, with the Knicks having the least vulgar fans. We have to guess that might have changed a little bit after former Chicago Bulls star, Jimmy “Buckets” Butler, knocked the Knicks out of the NBA playoffs in the Eastern semis. Not-so-surprisingly, NY’s east coast neighboring city, Philadelphia, came in 2nd on the list for most vulgar fans. Who would’ve guessed that after their recent turmoil in some of the biggest moments for a lot of the Philly pro teams? Many of us, that’s who. As far as teams go, the Phillies had the most vulgar fans, and the Flyers had the least vulgar. Like the Knicks, we’d love to see how these rankings shake out after the 76ers recent playoff exit. But#TrustTheProcess, right?


One big surprise for us from the research — Chicago sports fans fell outside of the top 5.


So, How F***ing Vulgar Are Chicago Sports Fans?

Take all of Jordan’s rings, add one, and that’s how high Chicago ranked for vulgarity. We’ll save you some mental math — 7th.

We would’ve at least expected a spot in the top 5, but, when you really think about it, Chicago sports and not living up to expectations tend to go hand-in-hand. Franchise-wise, can you guess which fans are the most vulgar? We’ll give you a hint — the team is one of the worst in its respective league this year.


The Bears? Nope, not quite. The Blackhawks maybe? Try again.

It’s the White Sox! At least they can finally win at something this year. Among the rest of the MLB, the White Sox subreddit comments put them at a 44.04 from OddsSeeker’s data. This meant that the fans in the subreddit averaged 44.04 vulgar words in the comments per 100 subscribers. This put Sox fans at 6th for the league behind the Mets, Mariners, Padres, Phillies, and Yankees in that order. We even know what vulgar word was used the most, and it’s one that no other team has on their list: scumbag. All of us White Sox fans should damn be proud.


We’ll cap this one off with talking about the Chicago Blackhawks who ended up with our city’s least vulgar fan base. On top of being the least vulgar for Chicago, the Blackhawks had the least vulgar fans across the NHL with a score of 2.68. This was significantly less than the second-to-least vulgar NHL team, the San Jose Sharks, who posted a score of 6.98.

It makes us wonder… are us Blackhawks fans still riding the high of three Stanley cups from last decade? Or, do we just not really give a puck?


Featured Image Credit: Chicago White Sox on Instagram