Hi there, Vincent! — “Van Gogh For All” Exhibition Extended by Popular Demand

We’ve had a rough year, but thankfully there’s art. More specifically, there’s interactive art in this age where physical interaction seems restricted. Among the latest installations, the Van Gogh For All exhibition in Chicago has been one of the local’s favorites, attracting everyone from avid art history nerds to the general public.

“Treat this place like your playhouse.”

Is there a specific order we should view the exhibition with? No.

Is there anything we shouldn’t touch or move? No.


Van Gogh for All is redefining the viewing experience of classic masterpieces. Taking away the seriousness of art exhibitions, you will step into a giant playhouse filled with art you can walk into, touch, manipulate, and feel. Lay down on Van Gogh’s bed in the yellow room, or walk into the starry night and take a selfie. Put his trench coat on and read through the letter in his drawer. Sit at his favorite street-corner café, and enjoy some delicious pastries brought to you by the exhibition organizer.

Oh, and don’t forget to try your hands on creativity! You can create your own sunflower and lilac arrangements then draw them with the crayons provided. You can place the finished piece on the photo wall and become a part of this show!


Fun, but Still Accurate to the History

As the core purpose of this exhibition is to educate through interactivity, many would be astonished by the amount of research that went in the background.


The studio area perfectly recreated Van Gogh’s work environment, from his supply chest to his still life references sitting around the room. If you dig deeper, you’d even notice the books in the studio area are not by random choices, either. The curator even gathered enough proof to remake all the letters and notes that went back and forth between Van Gogh and his brother, the family portraits and lore, and various types of painting tools.

The same amount of dedication to detail and accuracy can be seen throughout the show. Therefore, if you’re an avid Van Gogh fan, now is your chance to truly step in to this legendary artist’s workspace.


Get Your Ticket Now

333 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL  60601

The Van Gogh For All experience is on display until September 26. Tickets can be booked ahead of time or purchased on site. The exhibition is open seven days a week, from 9am to 8pm.

Social distancing rules are in place, and face-covering is required throughout the exhibition unless you’re eating. Yes, you read this right. Go there around dinner hour, and you’ll get to taste some of Van Gogh’s favorite desserts and pastries back in the day!

Van Gogh For All was designed and produced by Dolores Kohl Education Foundation, a 501c(3) organization dedicated to promote education and youth development through experiential, innovative programming since 1974.

Featured Image Credit: Immersive Van Gogh on Facebook