10 of New York’s Funniest Drink Names

Yeah, martinis and Manhattans are great – but nothing gets me to order a drink faster than a clever name.

And, as it just so happens, this city’s got some of the punniest of them all.


Here are the funniest drink names in NYC.



Llama Del Ray @ The Llama Inn

Clever Drink Names NYC
Photo Credit: Llama Inn Instagram

50 Withers St, Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Llama Inn is pretty much the tops when it comes to naming drinks. And with spit-take worthy names like the Cannes You Tell? or the Como Se Llamathere’s nothing their bar program loves more than a good play on words. Enter, the Llama del Rey: a draft cocktail consisting of Barsol pisco, rum, red wine, Chicha morada, lime, grilled pineapple and pink peppercorns, this sour take on a sangria will have you singing a soulful (and, if we’re being honest, slurred) rendition of “Summertime Sadness” in no time.



American Cereal Killer @ The Clocktower

Clever Drink Names
Photo Credit: The Clocktower Instagram

5 Madison Ave, Madison Square Park


Get it? Like serial killer? But with cereal? The Clocktower is certainly no stranger to funny drink names, but none hold a candle to their inventive American Cereal Killer. Made with Fighting Cock whiskey, madagascan vanilla whiskey, angostura bitters and literal Cheerios milk (!!!), this wild cocktail is as cute as it is potent.



Penichillin @ Diamond Reef

Clever Drink Names
Photo Credit: Diamond Reef

1057 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Everyone loves a good Penicillin, but have you ever had a Penichillin? The folks at Diamond Reef in Brooklyn are reinventing a classic with scotch, lemon, honey, ginger and, of course, more scotch. Served frozen and with a cute-as-hell umbrella, true to it’s name, this drink’ll have you feelin’ chill quick.



Rice Rice Baby @ Slowly Shirley

Funniest Drink Names
Photo Credit: Slowly Shirley Instagram

121 W 10th St, West Village


May Vanilla Ice continue to live on in infamy at Slowly Shirley. This swanky, basement bar in the West Village is fulfilling our 90’s cocktail dreams with an especially silly drink, made with Kiuchi No Shizuku (Hitachino White Ale distillate), Batavia Arrack, Hitachino White Ale syrup, carbonated Genmai Cha Tea, kalamansi and lime.


Kale in Comparison @ Apothéke

Funniest Drink Names NYC
Photo Credit: Apotheke Instagram

9 Doyers St, LES

Now, if I’m being honest, I usually balk at anything with kale in the title – but this cocktail from Apotheke is just too funny to pass up. A mix made of organic quinoa vodka, fresh kale juice, ginger, pineapple, lime, agave and a smoked salt rim, this drink is almost like one of those Instagram health smoothies, but with wayyyy more liquor. So, ya know, better.


The Sergeant Bell Pepper @ Vandal

Funniest Drink Names NYC
Photo Credit: Vandal Instagram

199 Bowery, Lower Manhattan

Vandal may be best known for the amazing street art that covers the walls of their Bowery masterpiece, but their cocktail program is nothing to scoff at either. Complete with inventive mixes like the Miss Demeanor No. 3 and the Rio de Froze, the menu is pretty much stacked with funny options. That being said, if we had to pick one creative drink to stand out from the crowd, it’s the Sergeant Bell Pepper. Comprised of The Botanist gin, lemon, bell pepper juice and thai chili oil, this drink will pack the punch you need to get the night going.


Sangin’ In the Rain @ Chez Sardine

Funniest Drink Names NYC
Photo Credit: Bar Sardine Instagram

183 W 10th St, West Village

Sangin’ being a play on sangria, this fruity drink is sure to put you in a good mood. Maybe not a swinging on a lamp post in the middle of a thunderstorm kind of good mood, but pretty close.


Drunken Dragon’s Milk @ Macao Trading Co.

Funniest Drink Names
Photo Credit: Macao Trading Co. Instagram

311 Church St, Lower Manhattan

While neither punny nor particularly clever, this notably strong drink from Macao is just too ridiculous to leave off our list. The Drunken Dragon’s Milk is made with green tea vodka, coconut, thai basil and Macao five spice bitters.


Throwing Shade @ Pouring Ribbons

Funniest Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Throwing Shade

225 Avenue B, Alphabet City

True cocktail wizards, the folks behind Pouring Ribbons are known as Alchemy Consultants, and boy, do they live up to their title. With wildly cool drinks of nearly every variety (all with equally awesome names, of course) it was difficult to choose just one, beautiful mix off of this tiny bar’s menu to include in our roundup. But choose one, we did.

Throwing Shade features Cocoa-infused Peloton de la Muerte mezcal, Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Jagermeister, Lejay cassis, ginger and mint and, just like being hit with some good shade, will leave you flat on your ass.


Ass Juice @ Double Down Saloon

Funniest Drinks NYC
Photo Credit: Double Down Saloon

14 Avenue A, Alphabet

A Las Vegas transplant in NYC, the Double Down Saloon has been making their signature Ass Juice for years. Now, I should be honest, I don’t know exactly what’s in it, but you know that your drunk self will just find it too funny to pass up.


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