15 Frozen Yogurt Places You Have to Try This Summer

After another notoriously long winter, Chicago is, once again, hot as hell.

So accept it, quit your complaining, and find one of these frozen yogurt shops near you. Time to get your fro-yo on.




Dulce V
Photo Credit: Dulce V Facebook

One of the cheapest places for fro-yo, ice cream, gelato, and Italian ice in the city. Let the brain freeze begin!



Yoberri Gourmet

Bourbon Vanilla
Photo Credit: Yoberri Gourmet Facebook

Their newest flavor, Bourbon Vanilla, is so frickin’ delicious and makes for the perfect combination with a bomb-ass mixed drink.



YoFresh Yogurt Cafe

Photo Credit: YoFresh Evanston Facebook

All natural. All Kosher. All the toppings. All the yum.



TCBY Frozen Yogurt

Photo Credit: TCBY Facebook

This countryside frozen yogurt chain opened up a small store near Millennium Park, and guys, they have a watermelon sorbet—what’s not to love?



Forever Yogurt

Forever Yogurt
Photo Credit: Forever Yogurt Facebook

You can find plenty of these stores scattered all around downtown, making sure you have access to frozen yogurt wherever you go!



Sweet! Frozen Yogurt

Photo Credit: Sweet Chicago Froyo & Candy Facebook

Jeni’s in Lincoln Park has some competition with this up-and-coming local favorite. Go healthy this summer at this fro-yo shop.




Photo Credit: Pinkberry Instagram

Green tea lemonade fro-yo? Holy yes.


Josi’s Frozen Yogurt Cafe

Josi's Frozen Yogurt Cafe
Photo Credit: Josi’s Frozen Yogurt Cafe Facebook

A Chicago native, this chain boasts delightfully bright interiors and all the flavors you could ever want.


Nicky’s Grill & Yogurt Oasis

Photo Credit: Nicky’s Grill and Yogurt

Mostly a cute grill in the heart of Beverly, Nicky’s offers cheap burgers and a self-serve frozen yogurt stand where you can cool off on a hot day.


Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Photo Credit: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Facebook

Their self-serve yogurt bar has all the ingredients you need to create a truly spectacular frozen dessert.


Froyo Chicago Cafe

Froyo Chicago Cafe
Photo Credit: Froyo Chicago Cafe Facebook

Gluten-free for all the allergy-prone people out there. Taste the rainbow at this vibrant fro-yo shop.


Yogurt Square

Yogurt Square
Photo Credit: Yogurt Square Facebook

With flavors like Cinnamon Roll and Fruit Punch, you seriously can’t go wrong with this delicious fro-yo favorite.



Photo Credit: Trugurt Facebook

Guys, they have a dulce de leche flavor. I’m pretty sure that’s as good as it gets.


Red Mango

Red Mango
Photo Credit: Red Mango Facebook

With plenty of these chain shops set up throughout the city, you can always find a Red Mango near you for some of my personal favorite fro-yo in the world.


Snow Dragon Shavery

Snow Dragon
Photo Credit: Snow Dragon Shavery

This place has plenty of other desserts besides frozen yogurt, but you know that’s the best item on the menu hands down. Most yogurts are non-fat, so feel free to take all of your dieting friends here for a little splurge.



Featured Image Credit: YoFresh Evanston Facebook