5 Reasons Why Chicago Is The Second Best City In The World

Hey, Chicagoans. Do you know what the biggest news in the house has been? I’ll give you one guess only — yes! Our beautiful Windy City is now officially the Second Best City in the World! Frankly, we cannot be any more excited since we’re always the ones seeing all the things happening in our amazing city before anyone else! Therefore, we’d consider ourselves fairly qualified to say Chicago surely lives up to its name as second-best.

Just check out what Time Out said:


“Well, to put it simply, Chicago is a good time! Our beloved Midwest metropolis was voted the funnest city in the world this year, a fact borne out by the city’s near-overwhelming docket of summer festivals, outdoor events, art exhibitions and free stuff to do every weekend.” — TimeOut

Sounds about right, wouldn’t you agree? After all, I’m sure you’ve all seen our monthly activity guides that keep getting updated but can never really cover everything happening across the town! However, just in case you need some more reasons to believe Chicago has earned the second-best title, loudly and proudly, here are our top five reasons why we love our city, even if it may still be a work-in-progress when it comes to certain aspects.


Reason 1: Food

Speaking of restaurants! A stunning 96 percent of locals rate Chicago highly for food and drink, thanks to the city’s glut of dining options. — Time Out


From James Beard Award winners and nominees to the many restaurants carrying the honor of multiple Mischlin stars, Chicago is never short of fine dining experiences that will make you feel like the king or queen of the world. Not in the mood for luxury? You’ll find all sorts of homestyle meals from cuisines around the world.

Also, let’s not forget about the sweet tooth. Because a wise man once said “desserts are their own meal.” (okay, I made that up, but it’s true!) Soft serves, gelato, macaroons, melty chocolate cakes… From sweet to savory, luxury to grassroots, south to north, and domestic to international, Chicago has something for every type of taste bud and every single occasion you can think of.


The coolest part, though? You’ll find plenty of restaurants run by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. The only qualification is their passion for food. Isn’t that neat?

Reason 2: Activities

It doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert. Chicago is one of the most accepting and loving cities, full of things for every personality. It’s difficult to imagine someone not having a good time in Chicago. You can spend all day thrift store hopping, or lose yourself walking down the lakeshore. If you want new friends, there are groups for almost every hobby, from skating, reading, and camping, to DIY crafts and cooking — you name it!

Now that the city has returned to normal schedules, it’s guaranteed that you will find something to do whenever you’re free. Weekday live music is frequent, and weekend brunch dates are always a good choice. If you love shopping, don’t worry about missing out on good deals because you have to work. Instead, worry about how you to handle the many deals happening daily from day to night!

Reason 3: History, Arts & Culture

Is there anything else left to be said about Chicago’s art scene? The city itself is a masterpiece, showcasing vibrant and diverse architecture crafted by masterminds we could only wonder about. A tour through the city is destined to be bedazzling mural display, and you might get lost at the many galleries welcoming you into their wonderlands.

Meanwhile, let’s give the musicians and performers some love, too. Chicago is best known for its jazz, but other types of music also thrive from northside to southside. As for performances, we only hope you have enough availabilities! From musicals to traditional stageplay, from ballet to contemporary dance to street battles… Chicago’s performers are ready to sway you off your feet any day.

Reason 4: Community

We absolutely love the Chicago community. I mean… name another city with a pride flag flying up and high first? And Chicago’s celebration of diversity and equality is not just for the show. Instead, the Windy City and its residents prove our dedication to a better, healthier, stronger community from the bottom up.

Have you ever had a hard day and just needed to talk to someone? In Chicago, you’d be surprised to find listening ears anywhere you go because we know life has been challenging, and we could all use some support. As for diversity, Chicago is so confident about showing everyone and every neighborhood’s identities that you will never feel uncomfortable telling your story. Rather, you might become an extrovert because of of how welcoming the atmosphere is.

Reason 5: The Windy City Spirit

And can we please put more highlights on our city spirit? Because honestly, we don’t talk about it enough. Chicago spirit is not some fancy, gaudy marketing gimmick. Instead, it’s diligence, integrity, and the utmost respect of ourselves and those around us. Every day, you see people lifting themselves and each other up simply because they can, and want to. You see ladies dressing up for themselves because they want to feel cute or people reading on a park bench because they want to learn something new.

When we walk around in Chicago, we feel motivated. The city is filled with a strong sense of integrity and dignity, that we must treat ourselves right while holding ourselves accountable for growth. And that’s why our businesses are dedicated to sustainable practices and supporting local vendors. That’s why our artists are proud of the city’s heritage. And that’s why our communities are indestructible and always ready to lift each other up for a better tomorrow.

Up and Beyond We Go

Indeed, our city is still a work in progress. There are many things everyone is diligently working on to improve, so every neighborhood in Chicago could live to its max potential. Therefore, it’s good that we are the second best city in the world. After all, what’s a life without competition, right? We’re aiming for the moon! But for now, let’s focus on the amazing achievement. Plan a weekend date with your love, or grab a few friends for a day trip across the city. Go see a show, or have a picnic in the park enjoying the evening breeze.

We’ve all worked hard to make Chicago the second-best city in the world. So, let’s celebrate!

Featured Image: Choose Chicago