8 Fitness Studios in Chicago to Add to Your 2023 Routine

Are you finding it difficult to uphold your New Year’s resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle? Has your workout routine become boring and rudimentary? Do you want to start your fitness journey but don’t know where? May it be a hotel wellness retreat or new fitness studios in Chicago to explore, there is an answer to any fitness-related question right here in Chicago. Explore what is offered in Chicago by numerous fitness studios, gyms, and facilities with a wide range of equipment and classes to meet any need, and get your 2023 fitness calendar going!

The Garage Chicago

2501 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, 60622

Strength, cardiovascular-focused, mobility, flexibility, speed, agility, you name it and the coaches at the Garage Chicago will help you reach your goals. Whether it be personal training or one of their many group fitness classes, you will leave feeling invigorated. For those who need extra push and methodical guidance, The Garage Chicago is for you. 


If you don’t believe me, check out what others are saying about their experience at The Garage Chicago. 

Vibez Fit

664 North Wells Street, Chicago, 60654

If you feel like you have tried everything in the book and traditional exercise isn’t for you, come experience revolutionary technology combined with full-body training at Vibez fit. These classes involve a high-speed workout using vibration training to help strengthen and tone your body. Not convinced? Give it a try for just $7 for a week of classes. 


SALT Fitness

1714 N Damen Ave, STE 2N, Chicago, IL 60647

For those who love variety, SALT is your go-to solution to bring life to a boring workout routine. They offer classes that everyone can enjoy and eventually wonder how they ever lived without them. Choose from barre, cycling, or strength training classes and make functional fitness exciting again. 

Ritual Hot Yoga

2805 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL

Ready to take your mind-body connection to the next level? Experienced teachers will lead you through fast-paced yoga that connects your breath to the beat of the music. All while you flow in a 98-degree studio. The classes incorporate yoga philosophy, static postures, choreographed flows, yin, meditation, and a eucalyptus towel massage. 

This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience your body will thank you for. 

Crossfit Notorious

6610 W Dakin St Chicago, IL 60634

This studio offers a range of classes like CrossFit, strength training, yoga, martial arts, and kickboxing. Not only are their classes diversified, but they also coach under principles with your health as their number one priority. They also offer additional support with nutrition and believe regeneration is vital in every fitness journey. 

Dance Forever

1550 N. Cleveland Ave, Chicago, IL 60610

While we all can work up a sweat dancing at the club, the tequila shots and late nights that got us here aren’t great for our health. If you are passionate about dancing and music and are looking to incorporate this into your lifestyle, look no further. Dance forever’s mission is to fuel these passions while achieving the year’s fitness-related goals. 


1642 West Division St, Chicago IL, 60622

High-intensity training is not for everyone (and frankly is sometimes too much stress on the body), but there are ways to get in shape without forcing yourself to endure another dreadful Instagram workout or fast-paced group fitness class. Solidcore offers low-impact full-body workouts designed to sculpt and strengthen your body. 

Sana Vita Studio

1357 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Pilates has gone viral on social media for a reason, this actually works. Not only does pilates sculpt and tone your body, but you also obtain a ton of other benefits fundamental to your health. You will leave understanding more than you ever have previously. My personal favorite benefit is the posture work that is incorporated into each workout (you will know why if you are also hunched over your desk over eight hours a day). 

New to using a reformer? New members can save over $100 on two private sessions to help them get comfortable using the equipment. Once you become familiar, you’ll never go back. 

For even more fitness options, check out Classpass’s Chicago City Guide. Sign up now and get free credits to try activities for one month. Start your journey or switch up your routine for $0. Now you really have no excuses. 

Featured Image: SALT Fitness