Durty Nellies

Durty Nellie's

About Durty Nellies

This giant, Irish pub is a quintessential bar and event venue in Palatine. Without Durty Nellie’s, there’d be no truly dope suburban place to get down on the weekends, save Lamplighters, so it’s safe to say that Durty Nellie’s is a venue worth visiting at least a few times. Go in through the front and you’ll find yourself in the bar, where you can grab a few drinks off their extensive beer menu, order a bite to eat, and head upstairs. But the reason people from all over the suburbs flock here is for their free or cheap concerts, which are hosted in “The Hall”, overlooked by the upstairs bar. They also have a mini bar here, so you’re never without a drink, and since the venue is pretty intimate, you know it’s always going to be a rager.

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180 N Smith St
Palatine, IL