Dinner With A View is Set to Bring an Exclusive Dining Experience to Pioneer Court This April

Experience-focused dining is all the craze. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Dinner With A View, an international pop-up restaurant and outdoor sanctuary dining experience is set to hit Chicago’s riverfront at Pioneer Court five weeks beginning this April. Here’s everything you need to know about the unique igloo-dining experience popping up this spring.

On select nights between April 7th and May 14th attendees will be able to dine in beautiful, intimate frameless geodesic domes that have been recreated into terrariums, each highlighting unique terrains found across the world meant to stimulate the senses by marrying an elevated culinary experience with a unique view. Now most times people reference dinner with a view they’re being cheeky in reference to the pretty date they have sitting across from them at their fancy 5-star meal. At the real Dinner With A View, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving a similar feeling, but add in the stunning scapes of Chicago’s waterfront and skyline and you have an evening of euphoria unmatched by any other experience you’ll find in Chicago. 


This unique experience has dazzled some of the world’s biggest cities including Toronto, San Diego, Vancouver, and Montréal. Attendees will dine in heated, clear and frameless geodesic domes, meant to stimulate the senses by marrying an elevated culinary experience with a unique view, unavailable to guests on a regular basis. Designed to represent the flora, fauna and beauty of different natural regions of Earth, 33 domes will be transformed into terrariums juxtaposed against the urban scenery of Chicago’s bustling downtown, offering guests perfect opportunities to capture photos against an iconic backdrop. The spaces will be individually styled to reflect landscapes of the tundra, tropical rainforests, grasslands, arid deserts and boreal forests with live plants, hand-selected textiles and elegant lighting.

Guests will enjoy a stunning three-course, locally sourced meal designed by an award-winning Chef. Using influences from cuisines around the world, diners will have the opportunity to select from four blind menu categories – beef, chicken, fish, or vegan – all of which feature the Chef’s exquisite array of flavors to pair effortlessly with the vibrant surrounding ambiance. A full beverage menu will also be available offering guests a variety of drinks for purchase. Between the landscape and intimate dining domes, coupled with the blind menu, the entire Dinner With A View journey is really aimed to provide a sensory experience unlike anything you’ve ever experience.



Dinner With A View will be open to guests from Friday, April 7 through Sunday, May 14

Seating Information

Thursdays — Seatings at 6:00pm and 8:15pm
Fridays and Saturdays — Seatings at 6:00pm and 8:15pm
Sundays — Seatings at 6:00pm and 8:15pm


How Do I Reserve My Spot?

Dome reservations are available online for $199.99. Dinner reservation for all guests are $129.99 per guest. A minimum of 4 guests are required per booking and domes can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. However, use code URBAN60 at checkout and receive 60% off your dome reservation, bringing your price per dome below $100 to split between your party.

This isn’t just another dome dining situation like the rest of them. Sure, you can take advantage of the Godfrey, or City Winery, or any of the other isolated dining options in Chicago that present the same fundamental idea. Dinner With A View is a fully rounded, top-to-bottom experience set to 100. You can’t and won’t beat it, and it’s the perfect spring kick off to fine dining in Chicago!


Images Courtesy of Olive Public Relations