It’s Time to Ride the CTA Holiday Trains in Chicago

Making your daily commute just a little more festive!

Season’s greetings from the Chicago Transit Authority!

What began as a simple holiday sign on the Blue Line in 1992, the CTA Holiday Train is now celebrating its 28th anniversary this year. Starting on Thursday, December 5, one six-car train totally decked out for the season makes its way intermittently along the Brown and Orange lines of Chicago’s public transportation system. The CTA Holiday Train features thousands of Christmas lights, Santa paintings, snowflakes, ribbons, candy canes, and yes, even a few cheery Christmas elves. The CTA Holiday Train is loved fondly by Chicagoans from all over the city.


For those of you who prefer the road, there will also be a holiday-themed CTA bus picking up passengers throughout the city – a tradition that began three years ago. In addition to providing some much-needed holiday cheer, CTA holiday trains and buses will also be delivering boxes of food and donations across the city.

Don’t miss your chance to add a little holiday spirit to your Chicago commutes! The CTA holiday and Christmas trains generally operate from about 3:50 – 6:40 pm until the season’s end. Check out the complete schedule below.

Photo Credit: Chicago Transit Authority Facebook

CTA Holiday & Christmas Trains Schedule

Service on Brown & Orange lines from Midway to Kimball

As an Orange Line train to downtown (thru Roosevelt, only)
accessible stationMidway 3:53
accessible stationPulaski 3:57
accessible stationKedzie 4:00
accessible stationWestern 4:03
accessible station35th/Archer 4:06
accessible stationAshland 4:09
accessible stationHalsted 4:12
accessible stationRoosevelt 4:16
As a Brown Line train to Kimball
Adams/Wabash 4:19
accessible stationWashington/Wabash 4:21
State/Lake 4:23
accessible stationClark/Lake 4:25
accessible stationMerchandise Mart 4:27
accessible stationChicago 4:29
accessible stationSedgwick 4:31
accessible stationArmitage 4:34
accessible stationFullerton 4:37
accessible stationDiversey 4:39
accessible stationWellington 4:41
accessible stationBelmont 4:43
accessible stationSouthport 4:45
accessible stationPaulina 4:46
accessible stationAddison 4:47
accessible stationIrving Park 4:48
accessible stationMontrose 4:50
accessible stationDamen 4:51
accessible stationWestern 4:53
accessible stationRockwell 4:55
accessible stationFrancisco 4:57
accessible stationKedzie 4:59
accessible stationKimball 5:00
CTA Holiday Train
Photo Credit: Chicago Transit Authority Facebook

Service on Brown & Orange lines from Kimball to Midway

As a Brown Line train to downtown (thru Merchandise Mart only)
accessible stationKimball 5:28
accessible stationKedzie 5:29
accessible stationFrancisco 5:30
accessible stationRockwell 5:32
accessible stationWestern 5:34
accessible stationDamen 5:36
accessible stationMontrose 5:37
accessible stationIrving Park 5:39
accessible stationAddison 5:40
accessible stationPaulina 5:42
accessible stationSouthport 5:43
accessible stationBelmont 5:44
accessible stationWellington 5:46
accessible stationDiversey 5:48
accessible stationFullerton 5:50
accessible stationArmitage 5:53
accessible stationSedgwick 5:56
accessible stationChicago 5:59
accessible stationMerchandise Mart 6:03
As an Orange Line train to Midway
accessible stationClark/Lake 6:05
State/Lake 6:07
accessible stationWashington/Wabash 6:09
Adams/Wabash 6:11
accessible stationRoosevelt 6:14
accessible stationHalsted 6:19
accessible stationAshland 6:22
accessible station35th/Archer 6:25
accessible stationWestern 6:28
accessible stationKedzie 6:30
accessible stationPulaski 6:33
accessible stationMidway 6:36

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