CTA Buses Are Testing Digital Information Screens

Everybody knows the Chicago Transit Authority buses have been long overdue for a technological upgrade. This year, a small number of CTA buses are rolling out digital screens displaying real-time information for passengers.

Long gone are the days of wondering whether or not your bus will have complications in the middle of its route. These new digital screens—located at the front and middle of just a few CTA buses for now—will let passengers know if there will be any delays, reroutes, or service interruptions, and detail an ETA for upcoming stops. If bus-hopping is part of your daily routine, you can count on the screens for arrival times between connecting buses and trains.

Photo Credit: Chicago Transit Authority Facebook

Those who take the ‘L’ have already seen a similar version of these digital displays on train platforms, but now they’re officially coming along on your bus route.

Of course, advertisers are jumping on this opportunity, too. Public ads and service announcements will be displayed in a split screen format. CTA buses are also using these digital screens to remind passengers to remove their bags from the seats and even to display a feed from the buses’ security cameras in an effort to keep safety a priority.


The only snag is that the CTA doesn’t actually have a budget to implement these screens on their entire fleet. They are currently only being tested in a small number of buses and integrated by four different vendors during this pilot period. Following the trial, the new digital screens will be put to a bid to be rolled out on remaining CTA buses.



Featured Image Credit: Chicago Transit Authority Facebook


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