Cityscape Chicago II: A New Perspective

This is what fascination looks like

Nothing really captures the magic of Chicago like a timelapse video. Eric Hines is a photographer and videographer who has produced amazing timelapse videos focusing our country’s most beautiful locations. This video, a follow-up to an earlier “Cityscape Chicago” project, depicts the city from some of its most flattering view points.


You’ll see gorgeous shots of speeding cars on highways, sunrises and sunsets behind the skyline, notable works of art, the flow of the Chicago River, smoke billowing from the tops of buildings, the stillness of the Bean behind moving skies and people, and the incredible movement of Lake Michigan. Our personal favorite is the shot of the moon rising behind the Adler Planetarium.

Just as the city changes, so does Hines’ appreciation for it. He says that his fascination with Chicago is ever-growing and that he loves capturing it from new perspectives.


Kick back and enjoy an entire city displayed in only three minutes. If you want to see Part I, check it out below! To see more of Eric Hines’ incredible work, visit his website or browse his Vimeo channel.


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