Check Out This Stunning 4k Time Lapse of Chicago

A city that’s always in movement

Sometimes it’s hard to capture the essence of a place, and you can’t really know it unless you live there. Well, we found a video that just about did it.


Each and every moving part of Chicago is what makes it so dynamic. Videographer Chris Biela took on the impressive effort of shooting multiple angles of the city in 4k time lapse, and the result is pretty amazing.

After eight months of shooting and over 250 clips, Biela compiled stunning shots of fireworks over Navy Pier, planes looping in the sky at the Air and Water Show, trains snaking their way through the city, pedestrians walking down busy avenues, bridges lifting and falling for the passing of cars and boats, summer days, fall evenings, and gorgeous suns and moons rising over our beautiful skyline.


Kick back and enjoy watching Chicago as you’ve never seen it! For more awesome time lapse videos, check out Chris Biela’s Youtube channel.



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